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08/28/2005: "Dobro Arigato"

Here's a photo of the dobro I'm winning on ebay.

dobro (28k image)

I've been on this crazy spending spree lately. I think it's because the weather turned bad and a certain kind of rainforest panic disorder has set in. All of the purchases I've made have been activity/entertainment based. The dobro, a Coldplay inspired MP3 player, a Game Boy, books, a serious upgrade in my cable modem speed and some premium cable tV channels.

I think I've been a little down lately too and I love to buy things when I'm down. When I moved to Anchorage after high school I was living off campus and I was soooo homesick and miserable. I would go to the Sam Goodies at the mall practically everyday and buy music...that was the *first* time I got really into debt.

I think the main reason I'm feeling so lost is that I haven't been painting. Right after a show I feel like I deserve a bit of a rest, but just like exercising, once you stop for awhile it's tough to get the discipline back to work everyday at it. My life has always centered around art and music so now that the art is on hiatis the music lust is kicking into overdrive.

Last night I played the guitar for so long that I could barely move my left hand this morning and I've started using my easles as sheet music holders. I have a book on songwriting for guitar that I've dusted off and I'm working on writinga few as well. I think the bottom line is that I need to make stuff. If I'm not doing something creative, I don't know how to fill the hours in the day.

This morning, however, the sun has come out and I think I'll go for a hike. I'm meeting friends for coffee to plan a trip to Blue Mussel Cabin you hike in, it's right on the water with a big fire pit in front and a wood stove inside. Maren and I try to go every summer but this time it might not work for me because I still have to go pee about every 15 minutes and I'm still a little freaked from the last time when her dog treed a bear cub 2 feet off the trail; the angy mama was one of the scariest things I've ever heard in my life!

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on Sunday, August 28th, Kasia said

Hey! I must tell you a funny thing! The word "dobro" in Polish means :"the Good". So it is a GOOD sign for you, I guess. Music is also a very important thing in my life, although i do noyt play any instrument. And don't worry about your art work! You will get back to it once you feel the "CALLING".See ya:)

on Sunday, August 28th, Elise said

I like that definition of "dobro"...I feel like maybe I should have tried one out before buying, but they don't have any for sale in town and I don't know anyone who owns one so...I'm just going on faith here.

And, I *know* I'll start painting again soon, it's just strange to not have a deadline hanging over my shoulders...

on Sunday, August 28th, Markus Barca said

If you want, Elise, you can always buy me a laptop. School starts tomorrow, and I could really use one. Besides, when people buy me things, it makes them feel good inside. ;) :P

BTW. You should probably ease up on the guitar practise sessions. Try to limit yourself to about an hour a day or maybe two for starters. Like a white collar cubicle commando, persistant, repetitive motion can have deleterious effects on your joints.

Be careful. :)

on Sunday, August 28th, Elise said

I never really believed that whole "it's better to give than to receive" business; me likey receivey.

BTW, what school do you go to?

As for playing the guitar too much, I find that I can play it for about a half hour at a time, then I wait a half hour,and play a half hour and so on. I also think that gyroscope thing I bought has helped with my repetitive stress problem. It has strengthened the muscles in my hands, wrists, forearms, biceps and shoulders!

on Sunday, August 28th, Markus Barca said

1. It's always better to recieve. Most people won't admit it though.

2. I'm going to UAA.

3. Arm exercises are a good idea. Many muscians neglect to do them or think they don't need to do them.

on Sunday, August 28th, holly said

Ah, the healing actions of retail therapy. The dobro is beautiful!
Would you believe I'm a big freak who prefers to give than to receive? Mainly because I'm so damn hard to please-- I tend to hate things people get me, but I pick out rockin' good prezzies for other people!

on Monday, August 29th, RR said

Oh WOW!!

on Monday, August 29th, Elise said

Hey Markus, I went to UAA too and I really liked it as a school (though I like UAS better)
And...I like to give too Holly!
And RR, I'm not sure if the WOW was directed at the dobro (which I wond btw) or someone else's comments but...thanks?

on Monday, August 29th, ann said

"rainforest panic disorder" -- Love that term!

And the dobro is beautiful. I hope you love playing it.

on Tuesday, August 30th, greg said

Dobros are so cool. You won it?! Your realize of course that it's nothing like playing a gittar!

Now I have never heard of ANYONE getting a repetitive dexterity disorder from playing gittar ... blisters on me fingers is another thing! :D

on Tuesday, August 30th, Elise said

Actually, I think there have been quite a few musicians who've had problems with their fretting hand. That's where it gets me anyway.

And yah Ann, I think it's beautiful too. Can't wait to start playing it.

And I know that it's different from guitar Greg, I've ordered some instructional DVDs through Interlibrary loan.