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08/29/2005: "Somebody fetch me another beer!"

A friend sent me this today, for those of you who don't know this about me I'm an artist *and* a research librarian.

cat-and-girl (8k image)

It's from a cartoon called Cat and Girl if you want to see the rest of the strip.

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on Tuesday, August 30th, greg said

- but it's harder to get a drunken librarian to turn-it-off! :hehe:

here is one reason cartoons are such an interesting (and debate-able) art genre.

Cat and Girl.
Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Who comes up with these things???

on Tuesday, August 30th, Elise said

Huh? What is the one reason cartoon asr such a debate-able art genre?

on Tuesday, August 30th, greg said

It's coming up with such bizarre combinations - some work, some dont - some are clever, some not. It can seem that some cartoonists try creating a formula that will appeal to the masses and get syndicated. I'm not saying the above example is one or the other, just intrigued by the "Cat and Girl" pairing. Similar to the old boy-and-his-dog idea. moving along ... :)

on Wednesday, August 31st, Elise said

I guess I've never really thought of that. I can't remember the last time I read a cartoon in the newspaper...but lots of crazy stuff is showing up online. You're right, it is sort of hit and miss. This strip has come up with some funny senarios..though it could be two people talking, the fact one is a cat seems irrelevant.