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08/30/2005: "What's going on?"

I was feeling really under the weather today so I stayed home, had hot bath and then a nap on the couch with my two cats after which I listened to music for several hours. I was feeling better (emotionally) and more hopeful than I've felt in awhile. I hadn't watched the news in several days... so, I had no idea that Katrina was such a devestating storm; I thought it was down graded...that it was not as bad as predicted. What happened? and what will happen next?

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on Tuesday, August 30th, Kasia said

I know it is very sad..... New Orleans is destroyed and so many people lost their homes. When I saw the photos it all looked like apocalypse. I am so so sorry for Louisiana and Mississipi. I can't even imagine the feeling when you see that your house no longer exists and everything tah's left is a chair or a shoe....

on Wednesday, August 31st, Dio said

Bad stuff isn't it. Turn your back and Mother N turns around and plants a size five firmly in your arse.

I can't comprehend what they're going through. Hope things start to get back on an even keel, but I've seen reports that getting the water out of the city alone could take weeks. :(

on Wednesday, August 31st, holly said

At the moment, a large group of looters have the Children's Hospital under seige with over 100 kids inside. They haven't been able to get in yet, but police and National Guard are not able to respond. WTF is wrong with people? See:

on Wednesday, August 31st, holly said

The link would be useful, huh?

(may have to scroll)

on Wednesday, August 31st, Elise said

They say that a person's true nature rises to the surface when they're really afraid.

The line between civilization and anarchy is a fine one indeed.

on Wednesday, August 31st, greg said

it's just plain devastating, in so many ways ...

on Saturday, September 3rd, rena said

Great work, last oils and watercolors