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Home » Archives » September 2005 » I *still* think it's hilarious!

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09/17/2005: "I *still* think it's hilarious!"

My friend described it better than I could.
(see post: "some things are just funnier when you are drinking in a bar with a friend"...)

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on Sunday, September 18th, holly said

LOL! That's worse than talking to people with something awful stuck in your teeth (and people never tell you about that, either)!

Once, right after I was divorced, I went down to the local Irish pub all cuted up in a short little skirt and I sat down at the bar and a moth flew out from under my skirt. And yes, there were TONS of witnesses and raucous laughter and comments about cobwebs. :plain:

on Sunday, September 18th, Elise1 said

Wow Holly, I can't top that!

on Sunday, September 18th, mick said

Hi Girls - I work at a very busy "Gas Station" at the weekends - Today a very smartly dressed lady in her thirties parked, walked all round the shop, out of the back door and back to a patch of grass just beyond the forcourt, dropped her knickers and peed on the grass - I really dont think you have anything at all to worry about LMAO.

on Wednesday, September 21st, Elise said

Wow, that's hard to believe Mick, although maybe she *really* had to go. I can kind of sympathize with that.