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09/26/2005: "Oil primed linen"

I started the commission on a 30"x40" oil primed linen. Now, I've never used oil primed linen primarily because they're so expensive, (list of 85 bucks but I got mine at a discount from an artist friend who gave up painting)...all I can say is that painting on oil primed linen is...what's the expression...? oh yah, FUCKING AMAZING! How can I go back to the farm now that I've seen Paris? (is this a common expression outside the US?)

What else? I got the dobro tuned and watched my first instructional DVD on Sat. and I think it sounds amazing, even though I can't play anything on it yet; it's picked like a banjo and I get to wear these funky finger picks.

Oh, and to the guy who called from Ohio wanting to chat, hi and sorry bout that, and sorry I haven't been returing emails lately but the vast majority say: I want to move to Alaska, what's it like living there? That's like asking what life is like in the US, it's big...and I don't want the responsibility of anyone deciding to move here because of something I've said.

A friend stopped by for coffee yesterday. She's lived here over a year now and everyone keeps telling her that if she can just tough it out the first couple of years she'll grow to love it but her point was, "why should I have to waste two years when I could live somewhere I love from the start?" Good point. It got me wondering if any of us really "grow to love" where we live, or if we just get used to it after awhile?

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on Monday, September 26th, drum n bass producer said

I love oil primed linen :)

on Monday, September 26th, onahon said

maybe you can do the music for my toe clamper documentary.

on Monday, September 26th, Elise said

Your project sounds interesting drum n bass producer...though I didn't really understand it.

And Onahon, I would be honored! I could approach the musical composition from an insider's perspective...

on Monday, September 26th, mick said

Has anyone noticed that Yahoo have now started deleting words like and from emails.
The concept of oiled linen as compared to primed canvas appeals to me - The first time I used real stretched canvas instead of Daler board I was so hooked - but oiled linen Mmmmmmm

on Monday, September 26th, Elise said

What words did you try to type there mick? Try putting spaces in between the letters, like s h i t ...for example. I wonder if my software has a word edit list for comments? I'll check that out and remove it if possible. bloody censorship!

As for oil primed linen, mmmmmm is right. It's just tasty.

on Monday, September 26th, Elise said

me again, I checked and there is an option for it in my configuration section, it says "Censor List
Enter any words or phrases you want to censor, separated by lines (press return after each word/phrase). Use [brackets] around words/phrases to censor the term only if it's not part of another word/phrase; for example, censoring the word hell would render hell as and shell as s, but censoring [hell] would only turn hell by itself into asterisks, and leave the word shell alone."

but, I didn't have any terms entered there, and I had selected the option of "do not censor" so, not sure what's going on there?

on Wednesday, September 28th, ann said

I have the urge to write as many cuss words as I can think of to see if your comment section will censor me.

But I don't have that kind of time :)

As for places... I think we love some places immediately, while others grow on us.

on Wednesday, September 28th, Elise said

actually, I think Mick was joking about that, but feel free to cuss up a storm if you get some free time...