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09/29/2005: "PFD PARTY!"

October 12th is when we'll be getting our Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend checks, this year's amount is the smallest in as long as I can remember, still, it's $845.76 more than if we didn't get one (each Alaskan resident gets a check each year, dividends from our stat's oil revenues).

To celebrate, I'm going to throw a big PFD party on the Sat. after we get our checks (the 15th). I was going to have a big Halloween party but a lot of my friends are already spoken for on that night, a lot of other regular halloween parties already planned, I'll beat them to the punch...ah ha haha

I'm ordering a pair of funky vampire contact lenses. I have it narrowed down to the Black Sclera, cat's eye, or glow-in-the-dark yellow ones but it's not going to be a costume party, I just want to wear them. I haven't had a huge blow out type party in quite awhile so I'm going to go all out.

On a different note, below is a photo from the Juneau Empire of an 8-foot-tall raven sculpture that was just installed in front of the library here on campus. It was made by one of our art students, Lisa Rickey. Cool eh? We have soooo many ravens around campus; I find it very fitting in a whimsical kind of way.

raven (57k image)

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on Thursday, September 29th, Cody said

Those contacts look wicked; the Black Sclera ones especially so. Make sure to post some pics with you wearing them.

I might use part of my PFD to buy an iPod. It'll sure make the bus trips and on campus study sessions go by quicker.

on Friday, September 30th, Elise said

Hey Cody, I wonder if they're one size fits all, and how I'll be able to see through them, but that is the pair I'm leaning towards.

As for the iPod, I was at Costco planning to buy one when I started talking with a customer service person from electronics who seemed geeky enough to take seriously, who said that several of his friends who bought ipods have had problems with the hard drives after a year. He said a much better product (especially for the money) is the Toshiba "Digibeat".

I got the 40 gig Digibeat for around $325, which came with a docking station and is compatible with Napster to Go, (free 2 month trial) unlimited downloads etc. It has a beautiful color monitor, runs great, I actually love mine and I'm really happy I got it over the ipod. Just something to consider.

on Friday, September 30th, Elise said

BTW, besides my huge party, I'm going to spend my PFD on that new air purifier I've been lusting after for my studio. how boring eh?

on Friday, September 30th, greg said

That would definitely be the slim iPod mini - my daughter's HD went out 13 months after getting it ... one month past the warranty! The Apple phone guy sed "sorrryyy!" but I found a cool live Apple store guy who put down "shipping delay" and gave us a new one!

Creative labs has some hot mp3 players with more features than an iPod for $199!

Cool ... sounds like your PFD is a BFD!! :laugh: I forgot you guys had that! We may hafta move up there to Alaska!


It's too bad the pellet stove deal didnt work out for you. Any idea what the winter is supposed to be like for the Pac NW?

Pure air is good.

on Friday, September 30th, Elise said

I have no idea what the forecast for the pac nw is but hopefully it won't get too cold. I'm just planning on wearing lots of layers and using my little dish heat fan with an extension cord so I can carry it around the house from room to room with me.

on Friday, September 30th, ann said

So glad you are having the party when I can be there!

As for the raven, I thought I was going a tad looney the other day when I saw it, because I didn't remember ever seeing it before... As it turns out, I hadn't seen it before. Whew!

on Friday, September 30th, Elise said

The first time I saw it was the other day when we had lunch in the cafeteria. I came out and Dave N and Kevin M and a couple others were standing around it, i hadn't noticed it on my way into the cafeteria so it really threw me, plus there were a couple ravens flying around overhead which was gave it a kind of Poeness.

BTW, I'm glad I'm having the party when you can come as well!