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10/08/2005: "3-D Squared"

Last night I went to see a co-worker's opening at the state museum (she's the painting professor at UAS). Her work was a set of really interesting drawings. In another part of the museum they had a section for recent acquisitions. I guess they got some grant money to buy work of Alaskan contemporary artists “of high quality” and I saw pieces by many artists I know and I felt…well, envious I guess, especially since one of the women shown had only been painting for 5 years (BITCH!) …kidding…sorta

On the ground floor they had an exhibit of 3-d colored pencil drawings…you had to wear the glasses and everything but it was so much fun. I sat down at the kiddy table and colored a picture of my own while wearing the 3-D glasses. With the glasses on it looked amazing but once you took them off it was plain ole colored pencil drawing. I wanted to keep a pair of the glasses to wear around town, you know, like to the grocery store and for a walk on the beach...I'm not sure if using 3-d glasses to watch the 3-d world will make things look more multi-dimensional or not but it didn't matter in the end because I returned them like a good girl.

I’m glad that I went, even though things like that tend to act like an abrasive on my fragile ego…still, this morning I woke up really wanting to paint and I’ve been painting all day so I’m not complaining.

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on Sunday, October 9th, mick said

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - Do we learn how to appreciate Art or is it something we are simply born with - Most people can tell if a picture is badly framed so I guess its partly an inbuilt sense.
As for your Blog - If it was boring you would be talking to yourself - the fact that you get so many comments shows its a great site.

on Sunday, October 9th, Elise said

Thanks Mick...the thing is, I thought the work at the museum *was* beautiful. It wasn't like I was thinking to myself "this stuff is crap, mine is much better why aren't I in here?" it was more like "wow, there are a lot of talented artists just here in Alaska...I wish I was considered one of them"

I feel better this morning because the painting has been going well and in the end that's the only thing of any real importance to me.

on Sunday, October 9th, ann said

I went to the same show, although I missed the 3-D art... and seeing you, apparently.

It did occur to me, though, that one of your paintings would fit in very well.

on Sunday, October 9th, Elise said

Thanks ann, you have to say that though cuz you're my friend (you are my friend right?)

on Monday, October 10th, ann said

Yes, I'm your friend. :)

But... I don't lie about things like that. If I didn't like your paintings, I'd be encouraging... but I wouldn't say I liked them OR that I thought they belonged in the state museum.

But I DO like them. And I did think they belonged in the museum.

So there. :P

on Monday, October 10th, Elise said

cool! and...maybe one will be one day.