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10/14/2005: "The 34 stages of macaroni and cheese decomposition"

I have *always* hated washing dishes...even just rinsing them off to load in a dishwasher. Every week I do laundry, vaccum, mop, and scrub down the counters...but often even though the entire house is sparkling clean there will still be a pile of dirty dishes and/or brushes in the sink. I am "usually" forced to clean them around the time I can't fit the tea kettle under the faucet anymore.

But, for weeks now there has been this small pan of green macaroni and cheese, (I know it's from a long time ago because I can't remember the last time I ate mac and cheese), and since it magically doesn't smell bad, I just continue to ignore it. But this morning since I couldn't fit the kettle under the faucet anymore, I used the handheld sprayer to fill up my tea pot but I accidentally hit the m and c with it, and a plumb of green dust blew up into my face. It was so nasty I had to run and jump in the shower again.

Anyway, my party is this weekend and I've invited loads of people so it's getting down to the wire between me and m and c. I don't think it's going to magically biodegrade before Sat. so I'm probably going to have to deal with it tonight. One of us has gotta go. Wish me luck!

ick (42k image)

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on Friday, October 14th, Dio said


Mr Pedantic here will normally be found doing the washing up soon after mealtime - and even does the missus when she's let it slip...

Green dust - blurgh! :crazy:

on Friday, October 14th, Elise said

I agree, I am quite disgusted with myself. Sounds like I need a "washing up" boy of my own.

on Friday, October 14th, marja-leena said

Too bad you did not do a time-delay video on the growth of mold - then call it a work of art!
If I don't think of this image for what it really is (yuck!) it's really quite beautiful.

on Saturday, October 15th, ann said

A quite nice picture of a quite gross object. There's beauty everywhere, I suppose.

Let me know if you need help prepping for the party. The mold's all yours, but I can do some less disgusting tasks, if you need help.

on Saturday, October 15th, renata said

Just get a clue to a beauty.

on Saturday, October 15th, Elise said

I agree that there is beauty everywhere if you open your eyes to it. I just would prefer that this particular kind of beauty not exist in my kitchen sink.

and Marja-leena, time-release video, what a great idea, I could do a bunch of different foods and see how they differ as they decompose!

on Saturday, October 15th, Howard said

You got to see a Peter Greenaway movie called " A Zed and two Noughts" Lots of time laspe icky decay there.

on Saturday, October 15th,">asante said

hello elisa, i am very impressed by your work.
your style has originality.

on Sunday, October 16th, Rod said

After so many years, (yes I remember fighting over who had to do the dishes!) I have actually come to enjoy the activity of early morning dishwashing, it's very cathartic. Especially while listening to a little Nina Simone on the record player.

You should serve the moldy "stuff" as an appetizer, and see when someone actually tries it after too many cocktails!!

Yeah, I'm pretty much going to hell.

on Sunday, October 16th, Elise said

Hi there howard, thanks for the movie suggestion, I like Peter greenaway movies but i have'nt heard of that one, I'll check it out, it sounds delightful.
And thanks Asante, I'm happy that you like my work (but were you referring to the paintings or my mold photography?)
And Rod, I was actually still awake when you called lastnight at 3am but you left a really short message so I couldn't get to the phone in time. I just told the story last night of our roommate Carey, and how the night we decided to sit him down and kick him out he started complaining, like, that you didn't do the dishes enough or somethingl...remember?

Blah, I'm a bit hung over, I'm going to crawl back into bed. some wierd sounding alram woke me up but I can't find it and I don't know what it was. scary huh?

on Tuesday, October 18th, Robert said

Beautiful specimen. Great cultivation.

on Tuesday, October 18th, Elise said

Thanks Robert, and good luck with your upcoming opening!