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10/19/2005: "Disguise"

There is a relatively new gallery here in town that has a different theme every month and any artist can submit work. Next month's theme is "disguise" which gave me some interesting ideas. The only problem is that they send out the call for entries, right before the deadline. The disguise entries are due Oct. 31st, and the notice was sent out on Oct. 18th! That gives artists less than 2 weeks to prepare something, which isn't enough time, not for me anyway. I did see a painting at the museum that I could have sworn was painted in oil but it was really acrylics, so I have some renewed interest to try them out again, though my last attempt was fairly disgusting.

Anyway, I have to finish the paintings that I owe people first. The large commission I'm working on will probably be dry enough this weekend to put the finishing touches on, I'm just worried now (I worry a lot) about how I'll ship it, has anyone ever shipped a painting unstretched before? I'm not sure how difficult it would be for a non-artist to restretch a painting?

On a different note, I've decided the that whole secret to taking interesting photos is to always take your camera with you. I quit carrying mine with me after I thought it had been stolen (fear of losing it again)...but what's the use of having a camera that you hardly ever use? Of course it's starting to get so dark that most of my photos will be dark and grainy but still, I miss taking them. Maybe I'll take some dark grainy photos of images that you can barely make out but you can't really tell what they are for sure and title them "Alaskan Winter". That is how I see the world from October-February.

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on Wednesday, October 19th, HumanityCritic said

Just passing through, cool blog by the way.

on Wednesday, October 19th, Elise said

Thanks Humanity Critic, your blog looks cool too...though you confirm some of my worst fears about the male psyche.

on Wednesday, October 19th, holly said

I couldn't live without my long, orange Octobers. It's my favorite month. I don't know how you do it. Alaska looks gorgeous, but I don't think I could handle the darkness.

on Thursday, October 20th, Elise said

Pre-Juneau, Fall was one of my favorite it's the time of year I dread...and, in fairness it's not *that* dark where I'm at, it's much worse in the Interior...but with all the clouds and fog it rarely seems bright. When the sun does pop out every so often, my eyes actually hurt. It's definitely a love hate relationship.

on Wednesday, October 26th, lex said

wow i never really talked or read an artists blog before bet it really fun to be an artist im going to fsu to major in artistics. my name is lex call me sum time to give me som pointers