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10/20/2005: "GMT= -8 +2"

Tonight I got a phone call which I actually answered (gasp!...jealous Rod?) because it was my friend Subi calling from Switzerland. It was 7:30am there and 9:30pm Alaska time. It's weird to talk to someone in Thursday when you're still in Wednesday...she with a cup of coffee me with a glass of wine.

It was exactly what I needed, someone from back in the day to just talk and laugh with for hours...some people it doesn't matter how long you go without actually "seeing" them, you know you'll always be close and feel natural around each other. And we discussed collaborating on a story together (a really good one as she pitched it to me) she will write it and I'll illustrate it. Ich möchte eine Geschichte mit meinem Freund Susan schreiben! I really hope that it works out for Rick and I to go and see her this summer.

Totally unrelated...but have you ever had an inappropriate dream about someone you know and then you feel weird about them in reality afterwards even though the experience that makes you feel awkward never really happened?

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on Thursday, October 20th, Rod said

Yes, I know you want to see me type it...I am jealous, but I've realized I'm only good for @4 good conversations per year, so I'm saving up for the next scheduled one on Nov. 20th.
In answer to your second query, I now understand why you haven't answered your phone lately. BTW, everybody has those dreams about friends from "back in the day" :P

P.S. I'm gonna move to Wagga Wagga, New South Wales so that when I call You'll answer the F@*# ing phone! :laugh:

on Thursday, October 20th, Ty said

I like those tipe of dreams. It's like haveing a special secret with a friend but the friend is you subconcious.
P.S. sorry about the spelling. ;)

on Thursday, October 20th, Elise said

Sorry to disappoint you Rod, but didn't you read the *totally unrelated* bit?
BTW, I was sound asleep last night when you called, what? 3 times at 2 or 3 am?
Didn't you read that I currently need about 18 hours of sleep a night?

And Ty, I suppose I like
having them too...kind of. I just hope my big mouthed subconcious can keep a F%$#!! secret!

on Thursday, October 20th, Elise said

uh, sorry rod, turns out that wasn't you that called at 3 last night...I just heard a man's voice that sounded kinda like you and it was 3am which fits the pattern, but after listening to my messages this morning turns out it wasn't you after all...or at least 2 of the calls weren't.

my bad!

on Thursday, October 20th, Petra said

I had just such a dream recently which I can't talk about. I know the guy's girlfriend and he and I are good friends at work. I've been trying to act as normal around him as possible (well, normal for me :crazy: )
but its awkward - probably b/c I'm think this dream I had was based partly on my totally inappropriate crush . :blush:

on Thursday, October 20th, ann said

Oh, I am so gonna ask you who this is when I see you in person!

But, yes, having dreams like that can throw you off, in terms of your normal interactions. Good luck with that!

on Thursday, October 20th, Elise said

Hi Petra, oh how I hate the totally inappropriate crush!

It's kindof a catch 22 because sometimes just the act of trying so hard to act "normal" can make you come across as very abbey normal.
And Ann, I'm sorry but this one I'll *never* tell.

on Friday, October 21st, subi said

it was great chatting with you too! i am so out of the loop write now (that i just wrote write now!) no real computer connection! i can check here but not blogger or my email :confused: but maybe i'll get started on that little story!!!! it was so wonderful reconnecting with you, and gave me some art-like inspiration the whole day!!!

on Friday, October 21st, Elise said

I hope you get your computer fixed soon, I'd be lost if anything happened to mine.

Anyway, it was great speaking with you as well, i hope we can do it more often...I want the story collaboration to work as well!