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10/29/2005: "It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine?"

This morning I went out for breakfast with a friend at a little diner where you write your order on a post-it note and when you're done you pay by dropping your money in a big bucket. It's the total honor system, nothing is rung up, they don't even have a cash register. I suppose the idea is refreshing...that people are for the most part honest and trustworthy.

Now I want to clean my studio and then spend the rest of the weekend painting. I'm actually feeling a little giddy at the prospect of "making stuff up" again. Plus I'm going to finally mail two smaller paintings that sold awhile ago, and update my website. I found a blog entry where someone used my site as an example of a well designed one, for a web development class they were taking. That has inspired me to try and update some of the galleries and maybe work on my shopping cart system again.

Anyway, here's a painting I did about 8 years ago, called "the Rapture" was a huge painting, and I wish I had taken better photos of it because the best part of it is all the texture in the stormy sky...which you can't see in this crappy photo. Still, I was reminded of it when I started (awhile ago) thinking about Armageddon as a possible theme (the dreaded t word) for a new series. I'm not religious at all btw...but I was raised around the idea that we were in the "End Times" and let's just say, that has left its mark.

rapture (39k image)

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on Saturday, October 29th, mick said

Excuse me for being nosey - but was this painting pre-prepared or simply painted from the heart - it looks like a bit of both - On the one hand very simple but yet with very deep connotations and a quietly spoken sense of emotion. Cant quite understand why it is called rapture - perhaps I read a totally different meaning lol.
I really have to agree with your "fan" - this is my favourite blog site.
As a born again naturist I was first attracted by your paintings which depict the human form much as a naturist sees it in real life - shapes and curves rather than intimate detail. Would really love to have one on the wall of our chalet ............

on Saturday, October 29th, Elise said

This one I started working right on the canvas, no pre-preparations in PhotoShop or anything like that, in fact this painting was done years before I even owned a computer.

The rapture is an evangelical christian thing, about how all the saved christians will be taken (bodily) to heaven leaving all the unsaved masses to suffer the rein of the antichrist on Earth.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words about my blog and art work. When I start to question everything it's encouraging words like yours that keep me painting.

on Sunday, October 30th, greg said

Hey - it's been awhile! Of course you have a well designed site ... it's a magnet I tells ya! :)

What a fantastic painting design too! I love the background brushwork, the lil' lonley house, and the great figures ... reminds me of Matisse's dancing figures and the old Renaissance Graces, so wonderfully posed in various designs.

I bet if you did another similar you'd amaze yourself at the refined rhythms you could create today!

Nice diner concept too ... I hope it lasts!

Art lives!

on Sunday, October 30th, Elise said

Hi Greg! I wish I could show you how cool the background really looks, that photo is lame.

Oh, and the diner has been around for quite awhile so it must be doing pretty good.

Art does indeed live!

Are you getting any new work done these days?