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10/30/2005: "Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint."

Tonight I finally (after months of research) purchased the Airsopure s-980 to eliminate VOCs from my home studio. I'll let you know if it works.

I had a somewhat strange weekend...lots going on internally...I had a long talk with Rick, drank too much red wine, and later watched Mansfield Park which made me miss him even more. I also took too many naps and had some crying/laughing fits respectively yet still managed to paint...a lot.

I started making a list of all the things I feel strongly about, what made me cry? laugh? get angry and throw things at the wall? Next I listed specific items that I can use to create visual representations. It's a long list, but I hope to use it to mix and match on future paintings. See, I purchased a bunch of smaller sized Amersand gesso boards from Dick Blick tonight; I'd like to use them daily to respond to anything that really gets to me, you know, without it being a huge monetary or time investment. I see them as little vignettes but if any are very good, I can always reproduce them larger scale.

I also have to start hiring models. There are too many things I want to express that I can't, strong shadows, extreme perspectives... imagery that is too complex to just pull out of my head from scratch. So, I'll need to find out the going rate, maybe post some signs. I need a man and a woman together and I need to take photographs (nothing pervy). I'm not sure how well that's going to go over though. Does that seem like a reasonable thing for an artist to ask?

I've never hired an art model outside of a class studio environment, so I really don't know how to go about this. Uh oh, I wonder what narcolepsy feels like?

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on Monday, October 31st, subi said

oh where you all chatting about your forthcoming tour to the old country? Stella hopes so! i hope so!!!!!!!! :O

on Tuesday, November 1st, Elise said

We did talk about the possibility of coming this summer. He's going to London over Christmas break and invited me along, even offered to pay for my ticket, but I'm already going home to see my family.

I don't know how he'll have enough for London now and Switzerland this summer...but he thinks he can pull it off and he still plans to ask his friend about us using his house in Italy...if you'd be up for a little trip!


on Wednesday, November 2nd, subi said

whhhaaat!!!! LOndon??? hmmm.... let's just remind him of his previous itinerary!!!! i want you both to meet Stella when she is still a kid! and Italia!!!! i really do dtd!

on Wednesday, November 2nd, Elise said

Hey, I think you've just created an original text message (dtd)...I love it!

And, he really thinks that he can do both. I guess he got some really cheap tickets for London, he's going to go alone and check out museums and galleries etc.

But he's serious about Switzerland as well.

on Wednesday, November 2nd, subi said

original txt message, huh? i'm clueless....inform me bitte...oh and i am working on a new imac! g5, OX! woohoo-sers! god, i wish i could meet up with R., but maybe he wants to travel solo...anyhoo, all the more reason for US to make sure Europa 2006 works!!! i left a teaser for J. on her site, wouldn't that be fab if everyone came?!!!

on Wednesday, November 2nd, subi said

DTD!!!! (got it, late, but got it!) :P

on Wednesday, November 2nd, Elise said

I don't think he wants to travel alone necessarily. If you think you could maybe hook up with him I'm sure he'd love it, he's only going to be there, like 5 days or something.

But yes, if we all could meet up over there next summer that would kick ass.