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11/01/2005: "It vexes me"

Tonight I (hopefully if the client is satisfied) finished my large Fiddler commission. I think it looks really good, now I just have to let it dry and then try and figure out how to ship it. I've never shipped a painting this big before. I think it might be easier to take it off its frame and ship it rolled along with the bars to reasemble on the other end. Has anyone ever tried that before? If so, did it work or was it a disaster? I'm really worried about it, as I've spent a great deal of time on this piece and I don't want it damaged in any way.

Also, I have this bad habit when I paint late at night, in that even after the painting is finished, or at a good stopping point... I can't stop looking at it. I'll just sit for the longest time looking at it. Then do something come back look some more, go to bed, get up, run up the stairs, turn on the light and look some more...on and on. I see it in my head when I turn off the lights, it doesn't matter what the painting is of or if it sucks...I just *have* to see it.

One time (and I'm embarassed to admit this) I brought my bedding upstairs and slept on the floor in front of my easle with the light on so I could just glance up at it if I felt so compelled. (this is one of many reasons why I can never have a roommate).

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on Tuesday, November 1st, Dio said

Whilst I've never bedded down next to one, I've certainly been looky tranced with my own work. Everytime. I even do it with my websites. Natural me thinks. :)

on Tuesday, November 1st, Elise said


Of course, I wouldn't say "bedded down" exactly.
I never thought of it but you're 100% right about web development too...whenever I'm working on a new site I get that way.

on Tuesday, November 1st, Jim L said

Yes, I always sneak glances at my stuff too, though I've never thought of sleeping in my studio to do so! Maybe if I did I would catch the painting gremlins that always seem to change the perfect painting that I did the day before...

I don't know how big the painting is - but shipping paintings has to be a problem that has been solved by a lot of people. I would imagine a solution made up of plywood and cut to size styrofoam on the inside could do it fairly well. A shipping store did that when I shipped a lot of drawings. Good luck!

on Tuesday, November 1st, Elise said

My problem is that I think it is bigger than the post office accepts if I mail it stretched.

And, so it doesn't seem so strange, my studio is in my home...
Thanks for the suggestions though, cutting styrofoam to size is a good idea.

on Tuesday, November 1st,">Jackie said

E: Sorry - I have no recommendations for how to ship your painting. But I did want to comment on the latter part of your posting: my partner even gets in on the act of gazing at a finished work of mine. We put it on the mantle, or hang it above the fireplace, and just look at it, adjusting the track lights, moving the piece so the lighting is just right... I hate finishing things at the midnite hour, and rushing them off to a display or sale, and not getting to pour (pore?) over them. But I confess - I've never moved my bed out there to the living room...

on Tuesday, November 1st, Elise said

I should preface what I said by saying that it was right before a show, and my family had just been visiting and I still had an inflatable bed blown up in the guest room so I just brought it upstairs with me and WALA!