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11/01/2005: "Name that spore!"

Welcome to another edition of "What's Elise Growing in Her Sink?". Any guesses what these two images used to be?

mystery10 (55k image)

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on Tuesday, November 1st, RR said

And you think the only reason you can't have a room mate is because you look at your paintings :laugh:
Top one looks like raspberry tea with added mould and the bottom one might have been something very tomato'y - curry? Slightly concerned that even the mould is sweating lol

on Tuesday, November 1st, Elise said

Good guesses RR!

You're wrong on the top one, and close on the second. It is indeed "tomato'y" but not curry. It was in a crock pot, ergo the "sweat"

eeeeeks.! :O

on Tuesday, November 1st,">Jackie said

I think the top one is salmonberry jelly, and the bottom one is chili. Forget the 5-alarm chili - Elise has alarmingly-alarming chili!

on Tuesday, November 1st, Elise said

ooow, salmonberry jelly is an excellent guess but not it.

You are correct that the second one is chili!

As a prize for guessing right I'm going to throw some of that chilli in a ziplock and send it your way, what was your mailing address again?

on Wednesday, November 2nd,">Jackie said

E: home address Douglas, Alaska, and I have 2 cats named Limoni and Osiris...heh. That's okay Elise - you can keep the chili!
Or better yet - I'll donate it to whomever guesses the other substance from your fridge!
Is it cherry pie?

on Wednesday, November 2nd, Elise said

Nope, not cherry pie.

on Friday, November 4th, Tom said

OMG, that top one is the infamous Cosmopolitans from your party the other week! Ew. OK, if I'm right, 'm a bit concerned that the alcohol in a cosmopolitan couldn't kill the spores in your house...

on Friday, November 4th, Elise said


I'm wrapping up your present as we speak, hope you have a strong constitution.