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11/05/2005: "Because I want to"

If I needed any personal reassurances as to why I'm so motivated to make art, I'm over it this morning. Last night I stayed up until almost 4:00am working on the fiddlehead fern painting, the colors in my photo don't look quite right but I know how the paintings going to look when it's finished and I think this is my favorite that I've done in a long time. I was having such a good time working on it I lost all track of time.

The second one is one I'm working on for a friend. She lives on a hillside overlooking the pump house and sort of commissioned me to do one with the pump house in it.

Now I have to wait for them to dry before I can do anything else on them, but that doesn't keep me from starting a new one. While I'm painting this morning I'm also watching "Miracle" about the year the US hockey team beat the Soviets. I'm trying to get in the mood to go and see a friend play tomorrow. I actually know nothing about hockey so maybe this show will help.

fiddlehead-fern-scape (62k image)

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on Saturday, November 5th, subi said

wow elise!!!! i love your new women! i also really like the aspect of the pump-house in the background of painting number 2, it has SUCH a To Stand to Sea feel! :D The first painting is also wonderfully surreal! I want to do a collaborative painting poetry series soon!!!!

on Saturday, November 5th, Elise said

Thanks Subi,
I have to wait until morning to take a new photo of the top one, as I've made a lot of changes to it, mostly creating the outlines and more contrast etc. I really like it.

Now I'm working on two new ones....
and yes, we should collaborate soon, how's the children's book coming along?

on Tuesday, November 8th, RR said

This one is going to look fabulous!

on Thursday, November 10th,">Mick said

I really love both of these paintings - I just wish I owned a Gallery so I could exhibit some of your work in the UK.

on Thursday, November 10th, Elise said

Wow Mick, thanks! I'll keep Cornwall in mind for my first big international show...I think you're my biggest fan.