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11/10/2005: "Juneau Artists Gallery"

I've decided to finally attempt (since my art consult) to join the Juneau Artists Gallery. It's a beautiful gallery in the heart of downtown Juneau, a great location with really high quality work on display. I went there after work to pick up an application and ended up buying one of the coolest art cards ever.

One of the artistís Jack Hermle, Jr. photographed an enormous iceberg that ended up in the channel right in downtown Juneau back in 1978. I guess now the Coast Guard keeps ice bergs from coming into the channel so it's not likely to happen again but I wish I could post it here because trust me when I say itís amazing.

But back to joining the gallery. Right now it seems they are all full with a waiting list of 5 people (which is the max they'll take for their waiting list). So, for now they won't even be jurying anyone new. Still, the current president said I could submit an application and at some point on down the line they will be in a position to jury my work.

Itís fine by me actually, Iím in no hurry. There are quite a few fees involved with membership, a $200 monthly fee to help pay gallery overhead, a $250 joining fee with a 1 year committment, as well as a 10% commission on sales. And getting accepted into the gallery is in no way a sure thing, itís very competitive so this will give me more time to work on putting together an impressive body of work. Doing something like this is pretty scary, opening myself up to possible rejection etc. not only rejection from making it into the gallery, but the possible rejection of getting accepted but then not selling any work...but as Alan said of my anxieties, ďYouíve just got to get over thatĒ. Indeed, but that is easier said than done!

Wish me luck!
falling-leaves (27k image)

Replies: 2 Comments

on Friday, November 11th, RR said

Good luck!

on Friday, November 11th, Elise said

Thanks RR, it will probably be a long time before there is even room on the wait list so my work won't get juried anytime soon but it's something to look forward to and work towards.