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11/21/2005: "Drunk friends are fun"

Rod and I have been on the phone for hours, drinking wine and sending photos and movies back and forth through email. He just sent me this picture of him with his two gay lovers.

rod (57k image)

And this second one was taken when we lived together in Anchorage I climbed up Flat Top Mountain with my dad and sister and Rod couldn't come and we had this great weather where the clouds were below us and the sky above was clear and he's still bitter that he missed it because this kind of weather is very very rare. Very old photo but still cool. I just found it last night.

elise-hilltop (34k image)

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on Monday, November 21st, greg said

I think I have the exact same photo (the one below) of my brother when he lived in Anchorage. Impressive! He's standing there with all the fog below looking like he just climbed Everest or something, but I understand it's not very strenuous at all! :D It's framed and in our entryway to awe inspire all who see it.

BTW, he is a sailboat owning official "skipper" and plays the dobro. I'd "introduce" you to him, ;) but he's now in New Zealand busking his way across down under, with a guitar slung over his shoulder. He has until March to make it big, or he's coming back to Port Townsend. :rolleyes:

on Monday, November 21st, Elise said

Hilltop is one of the most frequently climbed mountains in Alaska, and you can see from my "climbing" atire that it's no Everest...but I know it's something that my dad and sister will never forget!

Your brother sounds like a really interesting guy btw, but you should give him longer than March to make it big. These things take time.

on Tuesday, November 22nd, subi said

:O omg Rod! you're like such a man now! :D you really look great! it's funny how you still look in my mind's eye...not funny, ha ha, just funny odd, in a curious way, since you're all grown up and filled out now! oh and you're lovers are cute too! :hehe:

on Tuesday, November 22nd, Elise said

Isn't it funny when you don't see someone for a long time so they remain a certain age in your head and then you see them, and the old friend you knew is still in there but you realize, wow, this person is such an adult!

I'm getting my first grey hairs, for example!