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11/23/2005: "Rough night"

It's 3:00am and I'm still awake with horrid stomach pains (probably stress related) from very strong winds that shake my house, make scary noises like stuff coming apart, and it's all making it impossible for me to sleep. The power has gone out twice already. I'll need to shut down my computer soon; the lights are still out but my TV and computer are working again. What's up?

Anyway, there is a high wind warning for Juneau, I don't feel good enough to go down and check my boat so I'm just hoping the lines are still tight from the last time I was down there. I watched 2 PBS shows in a row tonight (Nova and Frontline) both about Hurricane Katrina. The program kept getting interrupted by the emergency broadcast system with the high wind warnings.

We've had record rain, there is some flooding around town and a few mud slides, one that took out a house downtown and there are more homes in danger if the rain doesn't let up soon, but there is only more and more rain in the foreseeable future.

I love living in Douglas, but there are times I question why I ever decided to move to Alaska in the first place...

OK, enough bitching. I'm going to go see if I can hurl.

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on Wednesday, November 23rd, Howard said

Rain at the end of November seems a bit odd for weather up there. It's been foggy and hanging around 5c here in Vancouver for about a week now. We usually get some nasty wind storms like what your getting this time of year but so far nothing.

on Wednesday, November 23rd,">greg said

Keep saying "at least it's not Ketchikan!) :D

yeh, Seattle's been peasoup for over a week now. Expecting the hound of the baskervilles to start howling any day. High pressure driving all the weather through you. sorry.

Why not go out for an acclimating walk in it? I love a good wind and rain splatter. Good for the complexion. Just get inside before hypothermia sets in :satisfied:

on Wednesday, November 23rd, Elise said

Normally we'd be getting a lot of snow this time of year but it's too warm. We're making all kinds of for an acclimating walk in it...I've been walking in this shit for 2 months solid...if I become anymore acclimated I'll drown.

Did you live in Ketchikan? They are one of the few places on earth that gets more rain than we do.

on Friday, November 25th, subi said

how is everything? do you have a generator? what about a fireplace? scares me to think of you without electricity! anyhoo, let us know. btw, i had a dream that i cut your hair short for were willing :rolleyes:

on Friday, November 25th, Elise said

Hey Subi, I'm fine actually. I had a bad couple of day...I got sick Tuesday night and then stayed in bed all day Wednesday when I needed to be cleaning for Thanksgiving. And the weather was kindof the proverbial final straw.

But put into perspective I feel pretty horrid for complaining

As for cutting my hair, it's getting way too long. I cut my own hair but I've just been too lazy lately. Maybe I'll wait until I come see you this summer.

Anyway, here's what it says about the symbol of cutting someone's hair in dream interpretations:

Hair Cut (deliverance trimming off the dead ends cutting someone's hair means giving someone counsel and/or deliverance)

So, I guess that's fitting! Thanks for thinking about me. And no, I don't have a generator or fireplace (I'd like to get a wood stove) but I do have lots and lots of blankets and two kitty bed warmers!