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11/28/2005: "Option A or Option B?"

The guy who just opened the “Two Crows Gallery” approached a friend of mine at a dinner party and asked if I had any new work because a slot had opened up for January’s “First Friday”. It’s a small L shaped gallery, and I’m a little concerned because there isn’t a lot of room for people to stand back from the work...but on the other hand, it would give me the chance to display and possibly sell, some of the new pieces I’ve been working on.

He wants me to come to the December First Friday (this Friday) to check out the space and let him know if I’d be interested or not. I’ve seen the gallery from an article in the paper, but seeing it in person will give me a better idea.

My other option is to have an “Open Studio” opening at some point in the upcoming months. In that case, I would frame all the pieces and hang them in my house and send out invitations to everyone on my regular mailing list, do a press release, and the whole nine yards. Then I could have wine and snacks and have PayPal set up for taking money and see what happens.

I've really enjoyed not having to work at putting a show together, I don't miss all the endless hassles...but I don't like turning down exhibition opportunities either.

ho hum.

Oh, and hear are a couple of the landscapes (of the wetlands) that I've done recently.

painting-more-colorful-wetlands-alaska (54k image)

wetlands-rays-of-sunlight1 (48k image)

Replies: 6 Comments

on Tuesday, November 29th, RR said

I really like these

on Tuesday, November 29th, Elise said

Thanks RR, I did quite a few of these smaller sized landscapes of the wetlands. I based them on those photos I took earlier this summer. The ones above aren't very big, the top one is 8x10 and the bottom one...maybe 8x8.

They are nice little studies though.

on Tuesday, November 29th, holly said

Ditto RR's comment. The top one is making me go all tingly with the textures and brushstrokes.

Or maybe it's all that Bailey's in my coffee...

(No, it's definitely the painting. It's lovely)

on Tuesday, November 29th, Elise said

Hmmmm, Baileys!
(how would one spell A Homer drool?)

on Tuesday, November 29th, Dio said

Woot - on a roll there Elise, looking good. I like them lots - great colours, lovely fluidity and smashingly simple composition. Ditto to Holly and RR.

Hope the shoulder doesn't drag for too long and improves sharpish - it looks as though you've been giving it a good workout. :)

on Tuesday, November 29th, Elise said

Thanks Dio, I have an ongoing problem with my joints, so I'm not sure if it's due to all the painting or just a regular flare-up...either way...I hate having to slow down when I'm being so productive.