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11/29/2005: "Art in Alaska"

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but this week I'm actually going to get started on it. I've decided to publish a new online art magazine called (see mock-up at: Art in Alaska). We have a couple art publications in the state already but most are very Anchorage-centric. I see this as a chance for art students, artists, etc. all over the state to send in artist interviews, call for entries, reviews, announcements, etc. I'm not sure what kind of response I'm going to get but I'm emailing several art professors to possibly hang a flyer near the art lockers, or even to ask their students to go to an opening and write a response to the work for an extra credit point or something.

I'll figure it out as I go along. I want to launch the 1st issue in Jan. 06. If I don't get any submissions before then I'll just start writing it myself. I'm going to go to the big First Friday here in Juneau and take notes, get permission to take some photos, etc. just in case. I know quite a few artists in the state already so hopefully I can sucker a few people into helping me out with this.

falling-leaves (27k image)

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on Wednesday, November 30th, dave in Nebraska said

How do I get a subscription?
I look forward to reading it.

on Wednesday, November 30th, Dio said

Great idea Elise - I'm sure people will send articles - this may also be a good time to introduce my current undefinished project (hey - you know me and spam) and say that could be a great site to trial your googleads on - its the right sort of niche, will have unique content and could possibly be used to fund future articles and server costs.

Honestly, its well worth looking into - and can be done very subtley to blend in with your site. Any profits could be pumped back into the site and improving its breadth and range - then maybe in future it could also be a sale conduit for contributing artists?

on Wednesday, November 30th, Elise said

Hi Dave, welcome back! I've checked on your site several times but it hasn't been updated in awhile and from what I read it looks like maybe you were still recovering from your accident? I hope you're doing better and back to baking cookies and taking cool photographs.

I'm sure you were joking about the subscription, but for the record it's going to be a free publication delivered online. There will be a pdf version available for download however if someone wanted to print out a copy.

It might be kindof terrible at first, but everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

And Dio, I wouldn't be opposed to having adds in a magazine, that seems like a good place for them actually and can help defray the costs of operation.

I checked out your new website (GO DIO!) and it looks great. There seemed to be a few errors processing your server side includes however...I tested in IE 6.0 and Firefox 1.0.7 and it happened with both.

Anyway, thanks for info.

on Wednesday, November 30th, Elise said

er, um, I meant "ads" of course!

on Wednesday, November 30th, Kasia said

Hey, I can't wait to read, it sounds interesting! I think it's a great way to communicate with people who actually like art and a great possibility to share your experience! Let us know when the first issue's ready. :)

on Wednesday, November 30th, Elise said

Thanks Kasia, I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I feel really excited about starting it. I hope to feature new artists, students, and artists from small towns and villages.

I hope that you'll enjoy reading it, you'll have to give me your honest feedback!

on Wednesday, November 30th, Dio said

Ah - yeah - that's the includes with the AdSense code in - I rename them so they don't work until I'm happy with the site content - then I turn them back on... :)

It saves them showing unrelated ads for a few weeks after the official launch. The first proper article was added today about why choose it, then I'll add a few simple guides to using the code and it'll be ready to rock. :)

on Wednesday, November 30th, Elise said

aha, that makes sense.
are you having a "launch" party? I hear the bars there can stay open 24/7 now!