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12/01/2005: "Artist tax code / 2 new "works in progress""

Possible changes to the US tax code would allow artists here in the US to deduct the actual value of donated artwork, not just the value of the materials (which you can't even deduct since they've already been deducted as a business expense). This is a big one for me as I donate several pieces to charity auctions every year and though they generate a lot of money for the charites, I don't get any tax credit for them.

However, THIS BILL HAS NOT PASSED THE HOUSE. The bill will be hashed out in a House/Senate committee that begins to meet soon. According to ArtSmart, here's how you can help:

1. Call and let your Representative know you would like to see them support the Senate's version of the Tax Relief bill, especially this provision.
2. Go to Art-Exchange Petition and sign up. We will present the petition and names to the chair of the House/Senate conference committee. Our goal is to obtain at least 10,000 names, with at least one from every state and one from D.C. (though personally I don't know if online petitions do any good)
3. Call and thank your Senator for the Senate's inclusion of this provision and let them know that it is important to you that it remain in the tax relief bill.
4. tell your friends.

You can find more information on this issue at You have to register (it's free) to read it, but it *is* true.

I'm also adding a link to the US. House of Representatives where you can write your representative.

woman-sitting-above-island-chain-alaska (56k image)

woman-with-legs-crossed-overlooking-glacier-alaska (57k image)
falling-leaves (27k image)

Replies: 10 Comments

on Thursday, December 1st, holly said

OK, I'm none too fond of naked lady studies in the first place, but Ms. Cinnamon-bun Head there is freaking me out.

The skin on the top lady is spot-on. Well done!

on Thursday, December 1st, Elise said

Just out of curiosity, why does ms. cinnamon-bun head freak you out Holly?

on Friday, December 2nd, holly said

I think she needs a nose or some suggestion of a face (and I can almost see a bit of nose in the shadow on her thigh). Or maybe a bit of neck showing at the shoulder to show how far her head is drooping. She has a monumental body in a lovely, complex pose, and then this smallish hair-do sitting directly on her shoulders wihtout the volume or depth shown on the rest of her body. I understand the pose, but something's not letting my eye accept it. Every time I look at it my eye goes right to her head and stays there. Your mileage may vary, of course, and I sure as hell couldn't paint it!

on Friday, December 2nd, Elise said

I can see your point Holly, I personally like the stylized "sea shellish" look to the top of her head but it's always great to hear how others interpret something.

I'm pretty happy with that painting as is, but as I continue to develop it, I'll at least consider possible ways to make it read better.

I do appreciate the input!

on Friday, December 2nd,">Jackie said

E: Funny - Holly - I saw the woman's hair as a cinnamon bun too! Maybe we were hungry? I do love your new works, Elise - but concur with Holly. Perhaps some suggestion of a neck or face would help remove the cinnamon-buniness from the woman's head.

on Friday, December 2nd, Elise said

Hi Jackie, and thanks for weighing in...I think there is a distinction between not liking something on an aesthetic level, and seeing that the intention of the artist is not being realized. I think what you and Holly are saying is the latter rather than the former.

So, long story short, these kinds of comments are helpful rather than hurtful.

on Friday, December 2nd, holly said

Good- I was hoping you wouldn't take offense. I think the pose is beautiful and I briefly entertained the notion of trying to strike that very pose before I realized that I do not have a lithe dancer's body and some part in the middle of me would end up crushing the air from my lungs and I would die. I love her long arms-- very graceful.

on Friday, December 2nd, Elise said

Yah, I won't be striking that pose anytime soon either. My friend Rick asked me recently why I didn't paint more women that looked like me...what? old, fat, and short...who would want to look at that?

(btw I'm referring to myself as being short fat and old...not you, you're uberchick!)

on Friday, December 2nd,">TJ said

Your work is breathtaking. I am so envious of your talents.
Beautiful - I luv bun lady. LOL. I am just learning to do photo many tools to learn. TJ

on Friday, December 2nd, Elise said

THANKS TJ! A spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, if ya know what I mean.

Good luck with the photo edits. I use a lot of graphic design software so let me know if you have any questions.