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12/06/2005: "SOLD!"

This is a big day for me, as I just sold my first 3 prints through this website! (Under the Devilís Club, Forget-me-not, and the Fiddlehead Forest) Iíve sold original paintings and I've received commissions, but not prints. For one thing, I only added "prints available" to my Purchase page about a week ago (I still havenít added any size or price information yet).

I've had several people whoíve been to my shows, sign up for prints for once they became available. I've had the prints from "Rain Country" finished for probably a year now, but I just couldn't decide how to number them, or how much to charge etc. so I just sat on them and did nothing. (Donít worry Marja-Leena, I explained the difference between photographic reproduction prints like Giclees and original fine art prints).

Anyway, a woman from Louisiana bought them using PayPal and the transaction went very smoothly. Iím going to put them in the mail tomorrow morning. Having a website is *a lot* or work, but all the work I put into this site is starting to pay off. Every time I add a new feature it seems like I make better sales. I know the site has a loooooooooong way to go, but itís getting there.

falling-leaves (27k image)

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on Tuesday, December 6th, subi said

congrats!!!!!! that is awesome and what quick progress! my only suggestion would be to also list print prices in an additional column...or did i miss it?

on Tuesday, December 6th, Elise said

Hi Subi, I'm talking to Rod right now, funny or what?

on Tuesday, December 6th, Rod said

Just chatting w/ elise about the same thing at the same time Subi!!
Great minds think at the same times!

on Tuesday, December 6th, Elise said

Oh, btw good suggestion about listing the prices on the prints.

on Wednesday, December 7th, subi said

that means you and i are so due to chat rod has now had 2 sessions in a row with no chats from me in the meanwhile :hehe:

hehehe rod! :D

on Wednesday, December 7th, holly said

Jeez, I feel like something dirty is going on here with you three... much, dammit? Am I failing to see how one purchases prints on your site? The Rain Country series has so many great pieces, I want to pick out my new collection of art.

on Wednesday, December 7th, Elise said

LOL! Actually, the 3 of us were roommate's in college. Now Subi is in Switzerland and Rod is in Tucson and I'm in Alaska...but we're still friends.
As for the prints, I'm working on getting that page set up. Right now I have the prices set up with the shopping cart from PayPal but I don't have the exact sizes yet cuz I can't find my measuring stick.
The 75 dollar ones are roughly 18 x 24 including the borders, with a smaller printed area (16x12?)

And the $100 ones are larger. I'm going to take photos with my cat in front so people can see them to scale, which is what I did for the woman yesterday (with the smaller prints.)

forgetmenots (61k image)

I plan to do a more "professional" job of this in the near future, maybe this weekend.

on Wednesday, December 7th, Elise said

Oh yah, and the prints are all linked to from the Purchase page now:

on Wednesday, December 7th, subi said

what do you mean we were roommates in college? it wasn't so much more for you?? ;) jk! no matter what holly ever says she cracks me up. it looks awesome! i hope you do card set prints someday, then i'll have a chance to buy some! the page looks really great! my only other question as a visitor say would be, are these prints/paintings framed? is there an option for that? if so what is the price difference. either way, looks awesome! ;)

on Wednesday, December 7th, marja-leena said

Congratulations! You have inspired me to set up something similar on my site to sell my prints. I've had encouragement from several people but just haven't done it yet, being a bit fearful of the PP system and the mailing, especially if it has to go overseas. Maybe over the holidays...

on Wednesday, December 7th, Elise said

Oh yes Subi, it meant much much more than that to me!
Thanks for the info about framing, I *do* need to address that. I won't be selling any framed prints, as print frames have glass and they are a complete hassle to ship. The paintings on the other hand I will frame for the actual cost of the frames. I think I do mention that on my purchase page.

And Marja-leena, I'm happy that I've inspired you to take the next step, I put it off for a loooooong time myself. I still have some reservations about PP myself, for one thing, I haven't been able to figure out how to limit sales to only addresses in the US and Canada. For now, I just have that written on my purchase page and also as a special note in the shopping cart.

I don't know how much it would cost to mail prints overseas, I wouldn't mind doing it but I'd have to do it on a case by case basis and figure out the additional fees for it.

ahhh, so much to deal with that isn't making art.