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12/09/2005: "MORE SOLD! / National Fine Arts Registry"

Email from PayPal: "Notification of payment received". Another kind soul (may I out you?) has purchased 2 more prints (Lupine Slumber and Fire and Ice). Thrilling news which came *after* I had stopped by the print shop on my way to work, where I dropped off another painting to be scanned and ordered more prints. I really like the shop owner David Riccio. He's a printmaker / painter / digital technocrat like myself and does fantastic giclee prints.

I found out he's also a member of the Juneau Artists Gallery, the gallery I'm attempting to join. He said they have a membership meeting in a week or two, and he thinks a couple of spaces on the waiting list may have opened up. I *reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaally* want to become a member so that was very good news. Of course, there are other people waiting to get juried in as well and I'm in no way assured of being accepted... but those I've spoken with say my chances are good but everyone has to vote you in so who knows.

Also, I've signed up for a subscription to the National Fine Arts Registry. For $15.00 a month you can register as many paintings as you like, or do title transfers when you sell a painting. It keeps track of ownership, provenance, and value (for insurance purposes) of all of your paintings. You can try it out for free for one month and register an unlimited number of works (use the promo code: dickblick).

Every time I sell a print or painting, it allows me (in addition to being able to increase my thermostat a degree or two) to buy some small tool or service that improves my art business. It furthers my dream that one day I might actually be able to do this full-time. Oh sweet sweet joy...

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on Friday, December 9th, holly said

Oh, out me. Just let me put on my boots first...

Which one did you take in to have printed?

on Friday, December 9th, Elise said

I finally took in the pump house one...the little painting that everyone was fighting over at my last show. I may drop off a couple others before I leave for Christmas break, based on requests I've received from folks. (Young Bay #2 and the Wetlands one)...

What's nice about getting Giclee prints is that you can get one or two or them made at a time, unlike lithos where you'd have to order about a thousand in order to make it affordable since the set-up fees are so outrageous.

Now that I'm getting the hang of this print thing, I'm probably going to get them made more regularly.

on Friday, December 9th, Elise said

BTW, if you haven't guessed already the above mentioned new patron goddess hero is none other than our very own HOLLY!

on Friday, December 9th, holly said

I like the pump house too! Is that going to be a small one?

on Friday, December 9th, Elise said

That is going to be a smaller print and cost around 30 or 40 bucks depending on how much they end up costing me. I'll post a link to the purchase info in my blog when I get them back from the printer, which won't be until after I get back from sunny Nebraska where I'll be spending my holiday break.

on Saturday, December 10th, Rod said

Oooh! Finally you are getting Giclee prints of the Pump House! That means I'l have to pony-up so that I can get my painting, and that'll be three different origional Elise Tomlinson art mediums in the west wing of my mansion. Oh how the property values will skyrocket!!

on Saturday, December 10th, Kasia said

Congratulations!!!!!!!I'm happy when people are happy!!!! :laugh:

on Saturday, December 10th, Elise said

Do you still have that gobblet I made for you Rod? I forgot all about that.

And thanks Kasia, I *am* happy!

on Saturday, December 10th, subi said

ok, now i am 'officially' jealous of Rod...three Tomlinson originals? what gives? what some lowly friends would do for a print...sigh... Holly, go you! that's awesome, you'll have to post pics of all the prints hanging in their sanctioned locations once you get them... oh and Elise that Lupine Slumber 'model' is me right? :P I love that one! well, i love em all! fiddlehead forest looks like 'me' be the ego of every story/art piece... :O

on Saturday, December 10th, Elise said

Hi Subi, they're all of you...of course!
btw, I'm trying to get gift cards set up through Zazzle. Then, if someone wanted to order cards they could order them directly from Zazzle.

Hey, is your chap book ready yet?