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12/12/2005: "Memories!"

So, Rod emailed me a couple of photos taken in 2000, this is one of me with my friend Tess (who's now in the Merchant Marines) and Rick, my best friend who moved to DC. I think Rick is biting his lip in this one, as he looks a bit funny...but I have a tan and hey, I haven't had one of those since this photo was taken so I'm going to capitalize on it!

tess-rick-elise-small (36k image)

And Rod, I won't be adding the one of you strangling me in the bushes because it looks too nefarious...nor will I post the photo you took of "my" guys because it's unflattering in that blotto drunk squinty eyed way and they'd probably punch me in my guttywad if I posted it. And I've taken down the one of me in the afro wig (too bad, so sad).

Still I love getting old photos emailed to me out of the blue. The ones I got today put a real smile on my face. If anyone else has any they'd like to send to me...I'd *love* it!

(Yes, this entry has been blog my rules!)

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on Monday, December 12th, holly said

That's Rod's wig, is it? Mmmm hmmm...

on Monday, December 12th, Elise said

So...what are you implying exactly?

on Monday, December 12th, subi said

that looks like a head on your ??? in the 2nd pic? i love the pics, miss you all!!!! i have no idea where any of my pics are, i honestly think in my deranged state i gave C., ALL the pics from our time together :(

on Monday, December 12th, Elise said

What? A head on my?

It's just a fro wig guys! I was being silly, posing for Rod for god only knows why...just to be funny probably.

I wish you hadn't given away all of your photos!
Maybe C would give some of them back to you now that some time has passed?

on Tuesday, December 13th, holly said

What am I implying exactly? Not sure. But it's sleazy!

on Tuesday, December 13th, Elise said

I just love the word "sleazy"...

Anyway, I've taken that photo down cuz of an email I got this morning (oh that I could go back in time and limit who knows about my blog!)...

on Tuesday, December 13th, Rod said

Well, I sure didn't tell you to post any of the photos I sent you, and especially one that looks like you're straining on the can while in a 70's disco afro-wig for all the blog-dom to see.
But it sure was funny! :laugh: :laugh:

on Tuesday, December 13th, Elise said

The email went something like "do you think it's wise to post photos of fake poohing and and mold in your kitchen sink if you're trying to be taken seriously as an artist?"

Who said I want to be taken seriously?

on Tuesday, December 13th, subi said

hmmmph....who said that? that pic was great! keep em coming...and by and bye...Rod, when are you going to show us your blog?

oh and by the way elise, i think the fact that you are quirky, fun and zaney, DOES indeed make you an even more interesting artist, who wants to be a bore? wouldn't that be up there with the academic blogs? (just wondering?)

on Tuesday, December 13th, Kasia said

I like your picture a lot! You look so pretty! Like a Spanish queen:)
I also love getting old photos! they bring back so many moments! Of course they are embarrasing sometimes (i hate myself in clothes fom the early 90s:)), but mostly it's just so much fun.

on Tuesday, December 13th, holly said

Oh whatever. I don't think it's wise of your "fan" to have that giant stick up his/her ass-- perhaps a lesson in "poohing" is in order. I think some of your mold pictures are beautiful. But what do I know about art and aesthetics...

Academic blogs BORING?!?!? No! No! No!

on Tuesday, December 13th, Elise said

Hi Kasia, you may have missed my afro shot, but thanks for the compliment. My heritage is actually Irish, so I have very white skin and freckles most of the time. This photo was taken shortly after returning from grad school in Hawaii where I got a lovely tan despite my 143 proof sun screen.

And Subi, what you said reminded me of something my art teacher in Jr. high said, I had asked him if he thought my art would be famous someday and he said something like "I think with your personality you will become a famous artist someday" the time I saw it as a back-handed compliment.

Oh, and Holly, your blog is *not* the typical academic type in that it really is interesting on many levels and I suppose even the driest academic blog would be interesting to someone in the field (have you found any blogs in your field?)...

Oh, and I think mold is beautiful too but what do I know...?

on Tuesday, December 13th, holly said

I think subi is just asking for a pinch ;) (on purpose winky face). I link to some really great academic blogs-- academics are freaks too, dammit! We have funny stories and do silly things too! I've not found anything related to art history, but there are some choice medievalists and Early Modern historians out there.

on Tuesday, December 13th, Elise said

Hey, I consider myself an academic as well! OK, not on your level to be sure, but I research and write and do godawful presentations at conferences each year. Granted, it's mostly of a techy/intelectual property/lib sci variety(though I do study art history on the side and have any number of research interests) but still...I aspire to geek/academic status!

I would love to read the choice medievalist blog...I wonder what their mold looks like?
;) (on purpose winky face).

on Wednesday, December 14th, Elsie said

oh, and by the way Subi, I'm nostalgic for you as well of know that right!???