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12/14/2005: "I Did I did I did the Iditarod Trail"

If you've ever lived in Alaska you know the Iditarod song. It's a huge thing here, people really do get into dog sled racing so that's one Alaskan cliche that turns out to be true...though I've noticed it's less popular in Southeast Alaska. Anyway, this is another photo that Rod sent me today, of Rick and I on the Iditarod trail (in the summer of course) Rod must have been on that hike with us, my memory is full of holes. For example, I don't know why I'm hiding behind Rick in this photo or why I appear to only have one leg?

rick-elise-iditarod (97k image)

I do know that I've been thinking about Rick a lot lately. Maybe because we haven't talked in awhile, maybe because he had invited me to go to London his treat (which is an incredibly rare offer as anyone who knows Rick could tell you) over Christmas break. And then getting photos which remind me of how inseperable we used to be.

This summer was great because he came to see me here in Juneau and I got to visit him in DC, but sometimes getting to see a person more only makes you miss them more (how long has it been since we've seen eachother Rod? 5 years I'd bet! That's why I hardly miss you at all- JOKING!)

Speaking of which, Rod also sent me a scan of the going away note that I wrote him the first time he left Alaska in (what year was that? 1993?...btw, this has been edited due to the morality police so there is a very clever bit I had to leave out...see, they went and ruined it for everybody)

bbye (95k image)

God, what awful handwriting I have...any handwriting experts out there want to give me a free personality profile? Oh, and Rod even remembered that our "love child" Harold was a baby cactus that apparently he couldn't keep alive even though he moved from Alaska to the desert.

Maybe I'm just feeling weird because I'm leaving for "home" tomorrow, and travel makes me stressed out, and getting there from here is a whole nightmarish adventure of nearly missed connections and bad roads. I do plan to bring my painting materials home with me this year. My dad has commissioned me to do a painting for him. I hope that oil paints aren't considered toxic materials. Does anyone know for sure?

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on Wednesday, December 14th, marja-leena said

Something about this time of the year makes us nostalgic, eh?! Have a wonderful Christmas vacation with your Dad, Elise! (Thanks for the comments on my blog - I've replied over there!) :)

on Wednesday, December 14th, Elise said

I'm sure my vacation will be as wonderful as it is every year, I love seeing my dad and grandparents, sisters, brothers in laws and neices and nephews etc. though several family members can't make it back this year due to circumstances beyond their controll.
It's just the actual *getting there* that stresses me out. My dad called tonight to give me another weather report. ergh. I hate driving without 4 wheel drive.

And nostalgic, yes. Ironically one of the other scans Rod sent me was an intaglio print (sugar lift, etching and flat bite) I gave him titled "Nostalgia"'s one of the few prints of mine that survived a "lost in transit" accident shortly after my BFA show.

on Thursday, December 15th, RR said

Have a great trip Elise and happy holidays. It is a nostalgic time of year. I get very mixed feelings too and lots of thoughts of people who aren't in my life for one reason or another. Don't you just wish you were four again and waiting with anticipation for Santa Clause to leave you lots of chrismas presents? You can't beat that Christmas eve feeling. But the memories do make it all worth while and it's good to visit them occassionally. Have a great time.

on Thursday, December 15th, Elise said

Thanks RR, I do remember that feeling of being sooooo excited waiting for santa to come...but I still look forward to a lot of things, like driving to South Dakota for tripple coupon days with my grandma, or going to norfolk to watch 3 matinees in a row with my dad...I have different holiday traditions now but they're just as much fun in their own way.

I hope you have a nice long restful Christmas break as well.

on Thursday, December 15th, Kasia said

The word "homecoming' always makes me feel melancholic... I envy you your journey beacuse I've got my entire family in SochaczewI wish you a nice flight!!!!!!!! :)

on Thursday, December 15th, holly said

god, you people are going to put me into a sugar-induced coma. I tell you what, if I had a chimbley, I'd be waiting for Santa at the bottom of it with a big stick.

Uh, Elise, does this you won't be posting while you're gone? What the hell are we supposed to do in the meantime?!?!

(Safe travels and enjoy all that family crap you're so fond of ;) )

on Thursday, December 15th,">Jackie said

E: Well - I hope your trip home isn't as disastrous as you portend. But I'm with Holly - what the hell are we supposed to read while you're away? Old back-issues of your blog? No cheery zombies, no talk of monster movies and toxic fumes?
Hurry back! Hey - you need a smilie with an elf-hat or something!

on Thursday, December 15th, Elise said

Hey everyone,
I'm bringing my art supplies back to Nebraska with me this year: paints, brushes, oil medium, and panels. One big panel for my dad's painting I have to carry on the plane with me. (My entire suitcase is mostly art supplies with a weeks supply of socks and panties 2 pairs of pants and 2 sweaters crammed in on top).

If I do anything interesting over the break I'll be sure to post. My dad has a computer with fairly fast Internet so it's not like I'm going to be in a sod hut with no contact with the outside world!

My posts may not be as interesting as when I was in DC and Baltimore this summer and able to go to all those galleries and museums, but if any of you are interested in photos of our town's sell barn (for auctioning off cattle) or the corn silos etc. stay tuned!

I think my home town has a lot of charm in its own way. I didn't appreciate it very much when I lived there but I do now.

(Sorry, was that too sacchariny Holly?)


on Thursday, December 15th, Rod said

When did your dad move out of the old family sod hut?!? :P

on Thursday, December 15th, Elise said

Hmmm, well I believe that was a least 4 or 5 years ago.