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12/26/2005: "Supersized Me?"

Eewwwww, I just saw Supersize Me, that documentary where the guy eats McDonalds for a month. Wow, it scared me enough to make me never want to eat fast food again for the rest of my life...well, that and seeing myself in the three-way mirrors at Target. When I took my dad and grandma shopping I tried on a few outfits and everything, even the sweaters, are made with some nasty stretchy lycro type fabric that clings to your body's *every* curve. Whatever happened to loose and flowing?

So, has anyone else been gearing up for the inevitable list of New Year's Resolutions? Last year I made a list called The Year in Review (i.e. how to put things in perspective and not to be such a drama queen) showing everything I had accomplished in the year, it seemed more positive. I guess I'll do that again this year when I have the chance though I think I may have accomplished less this year than last.

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on Monday, December 26th, holly said

I love that movie. The people he talks to are just so nasty-- the flabby French woman he talked to made me sad. She got sucked right into the American fast food trap. I've not eaten that stuff for a couple years at leaast. Last time I had a bite of someone's Burgr King burger it was like chewing on leather. I also loved the experiment with the fries at the end of the film. Naaaasty!

Current clothing styles suck. Remember when you could buy a pair of jeans that covered your ass? Oh, and if you hate that fabric, road cycling definitely ain't for you! :D

on Monday, December 26th, Raymond said

Years ago I made a resolution to never make another resolution. It's worked out well so far. :cool:

on Monday, December 26th, Elise said

I think I'll buy that movie and force myself to watch it every couple of weeks...I somehow missed the experiment with the fries at the end, what happened?

Oh, and cycling clothes...NEVER!

And Raymond, not making resolutions sounds like a good idea...but personally I kind of enjoy taking stock once a year, seeing where I'm at and if it's where I want to be and if not, how can I change things to get there.

I don't always stick to everything, but I quit smoking one year as a New Years Resolution and that was at maybe 10 years ago and I'm still smoke free!

Anyway, you're sticking to your no resolutions resolution too so sometimes they work...

on Tuesday, December 27th, Kasia said

The worst thing is I really like MacDonald's food. It tastes good. But after seeing "Supersize me" I don't eat it any more. I want to respect my own body. The film was scary....

on Tuesday, December 27th, holly said

Hmmm-- maybe the experiment is on an extra feature. Basically, he puts fast food items in bell jars along side their "real" counterparts (so hamburger from Wendy's, McD's, Burger King next to one that came out of someone's kitchen) to show how slowly the fast food rots when compared to "real" food. But the McDonald's fries never change, man. They sat under that jar for over three weeks and never ever changed. That's just not right. :crazy:

Being interested in mold formation, I can say that the Filet-o'-Fish grew some interesting things, I think. It's been a while since I've seen the film.

on Tuesday, December 27th, Jen said

:) :) :) :) :D

hi elise, its jen! it will be nice to see you again in Juneau. lets go to our hang-out when we get back!

on Tuesday, December 27th, Jackie said

E: Holly's description of the experiment in Supersize Me has brought it all back to me. The same would happen to Twinkies and Wonder Bread - they never get moldy or hard. I'm just wondering if it's the salt or the oil in the McD's fries that preserve them.

I don't really do New Year's Resolutions any more. Maybe because they've never stuck...

on Tuesday, December 27th, Elise said

I agree that McDonald's tastes good Kasia, but hearing about how much sugar and salt and grease is in their food is going to make it much easier to resist.

And hi Jen, are you back yet? Yes, let's go out when I get back. I still plan on calling you the night of the 30th for a ride from the airport but if you're not home I can always take a cab.

And Jackie, you're right about a lot of foods being similarly bad. I remember I bought these red grapes from costco that were really round and juicy and I half left after the party so I put them in the fridge and forgot about them. A month later they were just as firm as the day I had purchased them.

The difference between those and the fruit I get from the organic farm is night and day! Oh, and I once left a McD's shake in a hot car while I went shopping and when I came out it still hadn't melted!

on Tuesday, December 27th, Howard said

I think it's the salt in the fries that does it.
I havn't stopped eating at Mcd's after watching the movie but I'm much more aware of how often I eat there and try to keep it to a minimun.
As far as gaining weight, I had the misfortune of catching the flu and after about three days of not being able to eat much of anything managed to loose weight this holiday season.

on Tuesday, December 27th, ann said

As for what you have accomplished this year, Elise, I think you have done A LOT in only the last few months. So, pat yourself on the back for that.

Oh, and if Jen can't pick you up from the airport on the 30th, let me know. I probably can, depending on when you arrive.

on Tuesday, December 27th, Elise said

Yah, the flu is great for that...this is my first year home for the holidays in several years where I *haven't* gotten sick.

I hope you're feeling better by now (and enjoying your new sickness induce sveltness)

And Ann, thanks! My flight arrives at 10 or so... not too late. I'll email you and jen and if it doesn't work out I can always call a cab.

on Thursday, December 29th,">trycja said

About those fries - maybe it isn`t salt or grease, but ... potatos or something else inside... We don`t really know what M`D fries are...

on Thursday, December 29th, Elise said

You may be right Trycja, I just hate the fact that they still taste so good!

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