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01/01/2006: "Happy 2006"

It's funny how when I'm writing in this thing every day I always have a thousand things to say, but once I take a few days off, nothing seems "important" enough to write about. But seeing as how it's the start of a new year, I thought I better give it a try. So, below is a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2006.

1. Decide on some form of gallery representation.

2. Apply for a show somewhere I'm likely to get rejected (I *never* do this).

3. Finish paying off my last credit card. (debt free, debt free, debt free…and living within my means).

4. Write more "real" letters to my dad and grandparents.

5. Spend more time volunteering.

6. become healthier

7. Have people over more often and attend at least every other thing that I'm invited to (I'm getting too anti-social).

8. ooops, I changed my mind about this one.

9. I’m reading “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People” and I’m only at the first habit but it explains the difference between someone who is reactive and someone who is proactive (yes, I hate these buzz words too but…) I realized how reactive I am. There was a list, like “The reactive person does X” and I kept thinking “shit, I do that”, I'd like to be more proactive.

10. Get more organized.


12. Wake up earlier on work days.

13. Try one new thing that really scares the hell out of me (not heroine or anything...but you know.."expand my comfort zone")., I guess that's more than enough for now, it seems like the majority of you all decided not to do resolutions but I find that even though it may be an artificial construct, the start of a new year is a good time to give the old routines a tune up (speaking of which, I just realized I haven't changed my guitar strings in almost 6 months!).

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on Monday, January 2nd, Kasia said

Well, new-year resolutions are one of my favourite things. It is great that we get a chance to start all over again. (Well we can do it every day, but most of the people try in New Year). I liked yours. Check them in December and see if you fulfilled them!

on Monday, January 2nd, Elise said

I love making resolutions too...I think it's important to not let it depress you if you don't accomplish everything that you wanted to (when you check at the end of the year) I just think the most important thing is to have goals.

on Monday, January 2nd, ann said

Good luck with your resolutions! You have some nice ones...

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Carolyn H said


When I'm off work, I'm usually too busy doing stuff or too busy not doing stuff, so my blog doesn't usually get updated. One of my resolutions this new year is to update my blog even when I'm off work!

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Elise said

Hi Carolyn! updating your blog daily is a great goal...I think I'll add that to my list as well, ah shit, I've already broken it!

Oh well...better late than never...good luck.

on Tuesday, January 3rd, Elise said

Oh, and thanks Ann, I have a feeling this is going to be an excellent year!