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01/05/2006: "Salmon and Pollock"

On my snowy drive home tonight I thought about what I could do to find my joo joo again (hello joo joo, yah itís Elise, can I come over? *please*? I think I left my t-shirt at your place).

Then I remembered my DVD collection. Zombie films are great when Iím in the zone, but the best thing for getting me there is an artist biopic. I have an entire collection: I Shot Andy Warhol, Crumb, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Surviving Picasso, Camille Claudel, Frida, Modigliani, Vincent and Theo, Basquiat etc...

Anyway, I made up a tasty meal of blackened Alaskan salmon and some steamed veggies and ended up watching the film Pollock. Seeing another artist (especially one who's life was such a wreck) made me feel a lot better. Hey, misery loves company (yah, misery? This is Elise, I think I left my T-shirt at your place).

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on Friday, January 6th, Kasia said

I loved "Pollock" - I even started to like his paintings after that movie (isn't it strange?). I also love "The girl with the pearl erring" - and somehow Vermeer's artwork reminds of yours. Maybe it's because of the similar colours....
Don't look for misery as a company! Misery is the worst friend ever!

on Friday, January 6th, Elise said

Hi Kasia, I have a greater appreciation for his work, though I still don't respond to it personally. I'd never have one of his reproductions in my home, for example. Technically it's interesting but that's about it for me. I'm not that fond of non-objective art in general (except for Rothko)...

As for misery, that's more of an expression really. I'm not miserable...and after watching Pollock I actually feel more stimulated than I have since I've been back. I plan to start a new painting tonight, possibly something very different from what I've been working on...I find just squeezing paint onto the pallet helps alot. Plus, this new canister of brushes arrived and clean brushes are a big incentive to get painting.

on Friday, January 6th,">rob said

I always yell at that movie. "Lee is better." "Pollock would have been nothing but for her." ďThat drippy @#$* just stole everything from Lee.Ē I howl/cheer when he has the 5 second hump with Peggy Guggenheim. Ed done good. Have you seen Kurosawa's "Dreams"? It has an ILM generated story where a person steps into a Van Gogh painting and walks with VG played by Martin Scorsese. The movie itself is just luxurious.

on Friday, January 6th, Elise said

I thought I was the only one who thought that about Lee Krasner! Sooooo true!

Anyway, I've seen a lot by Kuroswaw...I thought I had seen Dreams but I don't remember that scene so either: A. I saw it and was under the influence of some chemical that altered my memory...or B. I didn't really see it, but only dreampt that I had. I'll have to rent it. Kurosawa rules.

on Friday, January 6th, Raymond said

If the movie about Camille Claudel is the same one I'm thinking of, there was one scene in particular that sticks in my mind. I think it's near the beginning of the film, anyway, Camile goes out to some street that's being repaired and digs up some clay to bring back to her garret and starts to work. She is young, driven and enthusiastic, and it has often seemed to me that much of an artist's life is spent trying to preserve or regain those last two traits long after we no longer qualify for the first.

on Friday, January 6th, Elise said

I don't remember that scene in particular, but I do remember her drive and enthusiasm. I think I still have both a vast majority of the time so I can't bitch too much (even though know longer qualify for the "young" part anymore) I have to get better at taking these things in stride.

on Saturday, January 7th, ann said

I loved Pollock. And I thought the same thing about Lee.

Loved your 'hi, can get my t-shirt' references. Funny how those few words convey the complicated feelings of yearning, pain, and hope.

But leave your shirt at Misery's house, E. No use going over there!

on Saturday, January 7th, Jack said

E: I watched 'Pollock' with my mom last spring. I think he was just an ass. I can't quite think why Lee put up with all that crap. And I agree - she was way better than him.

My favorite biopic about artists is "Frida". I think she was better than Diego Rivera too. I saw the Frida/Rivera exhibit here in Seattle a while back.

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Elise! Nothing like a little inspiration to pick us up. Hey - now that you're feeling energetic - wanna come help me scrape and paint some molding? :laugh:

on Saturday, January 7th, Elise said

Hey Ann, I had a lot of fun last night and I'm feeling really optomistic this morning...thanks!

And as for Frida being better than Diego Rivera, well, I think they were about even. I really love his work too. What I loved about the movie Frida was how they incorporated the same kind of magical realism into the movie as she used in her art.

Oh, and no thanks on the moulding offer, but good luck!

on Saturday, January 7th,">greg said

Hey and Happy New Year! :) Great list of "art" flicks there ... some I dont know, so thanks!

What are some others? I liked American Splendor , and there was a short piece in New York Stories with Nick Nolte doing some great studio painting scenes.

Re: Rivera & Kahlo - I dont see comparing them, because they had this opposite focus. I think diego wanted to shout to the world, while Frida just wanted to paint her inner world. It's cool how they probably complimented and inspired each other so well

Glad you found inspiration to continue on! I bet it inspires the rest of us too ... it's known to be contagious :D

on Saturday, January 7th, Elise said

Hey Greg, where ya been? I've missed ya! I hope you've been off making great digital masterpieces...

As for Rivera and Kahlo, that's an excellent observation.

And I am continuing what I'm not sure but tally ho!