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01/07/2006: "Happy Happy Joy Joy"

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At the recycling center a beat up bronco pulled up and 4 of the cutest guys (late teens, early twenties) got out unloading a HUGE amount of recyclables. That was impressive but then one of them put his fists in the air ala Rocky and started chanting "EARTH EARTH EARTH EARTH” I looked at him and smiled and he gave me the biggest, most joyful smile I've seen in a long long time. That kind of happiness can't be faked. And on the drive home I found myself smiling too, thinking about how contagious moods are, good or bad.

Today I'm in a good one and not just because of the "smile". Yesterday a friend asked me to go out for Gallery Walk. I had already decided not to go because I was in such a funk...but then I remembered my new year’s resolution so I figured what the hell. Then I invited another friend and we all met up down town. It was a rather small gallery walk but I ran into several of my artist friends and that's always fun (sorry Rob, I meant to stop by Two Crows Gallery to see your show but it got too late, how'd it go?).

Anyway, I purchased my first ever photograph (an abstract looking detail shot of skunk cabbage leaves) by Barbara Kelly, that was exciting. I know I said no more shopping but I don't count art. Buying art supports other artists which helps them make more art which makes the world a better place, no?

Afterwards we went out for dinner on the Warf...and just sat and talked for a long time. One of the main themes was identifying what we lack here that used to make us happy when we lived somewhere we can try to recreate it here. One thing I miss is having a big group of friends who get together regularly. I have a lot of friends here but, you know...pockets here and there. I also want to have people over more often, and have more bon fires on the beach this summer, and the list goes on and on...I’ve also decided to try and reverse 5 or 6 years of "letting myself go".

Now I'm debating if I can be social 2 nights in a row; they want to go to see a fantastic liver performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch tonight and I *want* to go...but I still have the small matter of the blank canvas. I tried the "ride it out" approach last time I hit a dry spell and it seemed to last forever. Tonight I'd like to see what happens if I force it. Stay tuned...

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on Sunday, January 8th, ann said

Hey, you said you'd accept every other invitation. So, don't stress about going or not going.

on Sunday, January 8th, Elise said

True! and actually, I had a lot of fun last night on my own and I didn't feel guilty about staying home at all. I worked on a new painting that isn't great or anything but it's a start...and I got a lot of chores done that I've been putting off, including getting that back room cleaned up enough that I could set up my treadmill again so, it was worth it.

I hope you guys had a lot of fun though...I bet the Sat. showing of the last weekend was a knockout.

on Monday, January 9th, Richard R Anderson said

Rock on J-town. More juneau artists should take advantage of the web such as you have. Keep up the good work!

on Monday, January 9th, Kasia said

Supporting other artists is so... loyal! It's really very nice. I'm sorry to say that - but artists are perceived as very selfish and egoistic (it NOT my opinion, though) and here you are!
And I know the feeling of being just happy. When you wake up in the morning and everything goes right - the coffee smells right, the birds sing right. It's overwhelming. :D

on Monday, January 9th, Elise said

Thanks Richard, we Juneau/Douglasites need to stick together eh!

And Kasia, I wish that more artists would support other artists. If we don't, it's usually because we don't have any $$$, not out of my opinion anyway.

And yes, being happy is overwhelming, particularly when you don't feel it everyday.

on Tuesday, January 10th,">Rob Roys said


It went very well. I wish every night went like that one-sold two. sold three on collector's night. i wish i had known you were out-i drank up a storm with Asha F and Ruby Room Sara-it would have been nice to toast a few.

on Tuesday, January 10th, Elise said

Congratulations Rob, that's excellent...I saw some of the new work on your blog and I thought it looked great.

and I really did plan to stop by and introduce myself but you know how that time for sure.