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01/09/2006: "Strangers we call friends"

Have you ever wondered why you act differently depending on who youíre with? (Or is it just me?) Different people bring out different aspects of my personality...for example, some people bring out the serious, self-righteous ass-hole in me, and others bring out the dorky, giggly, little girl. And it's not necessarily anything *they're* doing...ya know?

Along those same lines, I find it fascinating how you can think you know exactly what to expect from someone you've known for years and then suddenly they surprise you, and you realize you don't really know them at all. Maybe the me I am around them, has been bringing out the them they are around me and our personalities have been feeding off each other further convincing ourselves that we know exactly who the other person is...?

So what if one day, something changes and you can relate to them on a different level? I suppose there are people out there who have a strong (yet completely wrong) impression of me... and I can't really blame them because they're basing that opinion on how I react when Iím around them. I guess ultimately I like the idea that maybe I'm still capable changing, and of pleasantly surprising someone else as I've been recently surprised.

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on Tuesday, January 10th, subi said

oh, you're so mysterious and cryptic... hmmm...i can relate to this post...but i am ever more curious about the 'new' goings on with you!!!

on Tuesday, January 10th, elaine said

Hummmm.....Very interesting thought...Always enjoy your honest way of thinking Elise...Hope it's not to late for sending you my best wishes for 2006!

on Tuesday, January 10th, Elise said

Hey Subi...I didn't mean to be mysterious, but you know how it is. I used to talk about everyone using their first and last names and not even think twice about it but as I've found out there are actually people (who know these people) reading this, I can't spell everything out the way I used to. This morning I'm sick as a's a tip, don't eat suspicious salmon for a midnight snack. blaaaaaaaaah!

And what of your new goings on?

And Hi Elaine, thanks for the New Years best wishes. I love the photo of you in your house by the way (the one with the camera) I love those big wooden beams. Anyway, I really wish that i could read Italian, you know, I might be visiting Italy this summer!
(and Switzerland, don't worry Subi) but realistically probably not because I have no money.