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01/10/2006: "Under the weather"

So, what are the symptoms of avian flu?


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on Wednesday, January 11th, Daniel said

Not sure about symptoms, but you definately get it by "Kissing Chickens"... so watch out, everyone.

on Wednesday, January 11th, carolyn H said

Symptoms of avian flu are essentially the same as "regular" flu, though they continue to progress and worsen. I think lab tests are needed to determine if someone has the H5N1 strain.

on Wednesday, January 11th, Jackie said

E: I think you start sprouting feathers and clucking like a chicken. Phase II: your head starts bobbing back and forth, and you have a strange craving for worms and bugs.
Sorry - just don't want to fuel any ideas in your head... Travelling always helps me catch whatever bug is out there. And this year's flu is a doozy - but it's probably not Avian flu, unless you were around a large population of folk travelling from Asia (or Turkey, supposedly). The federal govt. CDC (Center for Disease Control) has some good, accurate information about the Avian flu.

on Wednesday, January 11th,">Jackie said

E: Here's a link:

Hope you feel better soon. Try some chicken soup :hehe:

on Wednesday, January 11th, greg said

and like they say about chicken soup: "Even if it doesn't do any good ... it couldn't hoit ..." :hehe:

but dont mind us - get some sleep and come back when you're rested! :)

on Thursday, January 12th, Howard said

Yeah, the flu this year is a nasty one. I stayed in bed for three days because of it.

on Thursday, January 12th, Elise said

Well, I haven't sprouted any feathers or anything so it must not have been bird flu...but yes, nasty none the less. Thanks for all the info and well wishes, I'm not back up to 100% but getting there.

on Thursday, January 12th, Mike said

I think while you have been down your muse may have stepped out. Now I can't be sure but the evidence points to a quick trip to taiwan where some unwary scientist was inspired to
create a glow in the dark fluorescent green pig. So please drink some fluids and get back on the stick before they figure out it would be much cooler if it could fly.

on Thursday, January 12th, Elise said

Thanks Mike, that story was quite strange....what will they think of next? And hopefully I'll "get back on the stick" again soon. (does that mean get better?)

on Friday, January 13th, Kasia said

Try some hot tea with raspberry juice, sandwiches with garlic or hot milk with butter and honey! These are Polish ways to get rid of flu. I hope you feel better soon!!!!

on Friday, January 13th,">Rob said

Alcohol. Lots of alcohol.