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01/18/2006: "New paintings...before pictures of studio"

Well, here are some shots to show you how I have paintings resting every which way (don't worry Rob, your painting in the background is safely framed with glass and it's only temporary). As usual, these photos were shot in a hurry so there are shadows and blurriness, etc. but it gives you an idea of some of the changes I've made and also shows the two paintings I did over the weekend.

artist-studio-photo2 (65k image)

artist-studio-photo (112k image)

angry-woman-crossed-legs (55k image)

woman-reading-book-in-field (42k image)

Replies: 14 Comments

on Wednesday, January 18th,">Rob said

kickin ass!

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

Thanks Rob!

on Wednesday, January 18th, Kasia said

The paintings look great and the studio is wonderful - it makes me want to be an artist, too....I wish:)
I am your fan forever!

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

You are so sweek Kasia! And, you know, all it takes to be an artist is the desire to be one. Anyone can learn to paint and draw...a friend of mine in her 60s just started a year ago and she's already doing some amazing stuff!

on Wednesday, January 18th, greg said

This is all just terrible!! :crazy:

I can't believe you'd sink so low as to flaunt such talent. It leaves me feeling small and unworthy. Keep working so I can come back and see how much more terrible they get ...

Ya know Leonardo had this same problem ...couldn't finish a damn thing ... so left the world a bunch of sucky half-finished Leonardo crap
*slumps off to burn his brushes* :P

on Wednesday, January 18th, marja-leena said

I really like those two big paintings in the top two studio shots. I detect a bit of a change from your earlier style, is it the colours that you mentioned earlier?

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

Hi Greg, that's probably the nicest comment I've ever received, even though I know it's pure rot - thanks for saying it!

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

Hi Marja-leena, I must have been commenting to Greg when you left your post...anyway, yes, I'm experimenting with some new things, I still like to outline (that will never change) but I'm not exaggerating the forms as much, so they appear a little more realistic and the colors are toned down a bit...more greens and browns in the skin and generally a more mellow pallet.

Thanks for the observation!

on Wednesday, January 18th,">greg said

Sure, just rub it in and Lord over me why dontcha! ;)

Say, what's that interesting white-walled village work hiding on right on the top one?

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

That's a painting I did several years ago from a's of the small mountain village in Spain where I hope to retire one day. I've had people offer to buy it but it's my dream so it's not for sale...have you ever had a piece like that?

on Wednesday, January 18th, Howard said

I really like the one on the easel in the second picture. I really need to get back to work!

on Wednesday, January 18th, Elise said

Thanks Howard, now GET BACK TO WORK!

on Thursday, January 19th, greg said

it made me wonder if it was yours, since the only natural form was one small visible tree, and I rarely see architecture on such a dominating scale! It looks very cool!

Are you feeling comfortable with your new style? As you are muting the hues and making the forms more naturalistic, at what point do you stop before totally going realistic?

and ... any multiple figure designs ever going to rear their heads? :)

on Thursday, January 19th, Elise said

"at what point do you stop before totally going realistic?"

Good question. I guess that I want there to be something compelling about every painting that I do, regardless of all the other works that have come before it or how well it works with other work of mine.

So, it may be the use of intense colors, or the composition, or the perspective, or the subject matter etc. I think as long as the work is interesting on some level, I don't care as much about how realistic or non-realistic the actual forms are.

I have to say that I enjoy painting both ways equally and that it depends more on the design of each painting...ah hell, I'm not making a lot of sense. I guess I just want to paint how I want to paint at the moment without having to think about it too much.

And, probably no multiple figure designs anytime soon. I sill like the single form best...especially because I find the backgrounds to be as important as the figures and I don't want them to become too busy.