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01/23/2006: "Secretly watch me dissect something"

I was helping an older student in the library and she asked me what I do outside of work so I showed her this website. She said with some surprise: "girl, you're a shining star! Do you know how bright you shine?" Why no, says I. Please, do tell...
Seriously though, I've had a string of rather positive encounters was snowing out today and I was on a walk when a group of jr. high boys came towards me. I felt uneasy but then one of them gave me a big smile and offered me a donut.

I got an email from a stranger last night who said he thought my paintings were inspired by "benevolent celestial beings” (cool)

I received 3 long-distance calls this past weekend from different college friends I hadn't spoken with in awhile plus I got two *actual letters* through the USPS as well as a $50 rebate check from Costco!

I've been going through a tough time lately with some serious family problems but it seems like whenever I start to feel really bad, someone will give me a little gift, or say something crazy nice...whatever...but as my friend Ann wrote on her site, small sweet gestures can make a big difference.

btw, voyuer and necropsy made my list of top 20 search strings for Jan. (how many others of you obsess over your web stats?) and sure, I misspelled voyeur but so did 1,360,000 other people.

voyeur-elisetomlinson (122k image)

This was the piece titled Voyeur that images searches were bringing up.

i did this a loooooooong time ago! It was for a show I did with Rick called "Penetrated Structures" but I never ended up exhibiting it. God knows where it is today. (Do you ever wondered about what happened to all of your early work that you gave away and worry that it may resurface someday?)

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on Monday, January 23rd, subi said

wow. that freaky orange head adds such a strange/interesting element that I don't remember seeing in your other works thus far (well apart from the violinist...)

on Tuesday, January 24th, Kasia said

Hapinnes drips slowly from heaven - and thay's O.K. The thing is to collect all the driplets and keep them in a safe place - like your memory. So if you are in a bad mood - dig in your head! :) (Always remember about this doughnut:))
Problem of resufacing is not a problem - it's just a proof of artistic evolution - your early work is who you used to be;your present work - what you have become. So generally art is who you ARE. :)

on Tuesday, January 24th, greg said

gawd that painting is sooo freaky cool!

Nice thoughts Kasia. "Heavenly happiness driplets" :)

on Tuesday, January 24th,">Rob said

That painting is terrifying.

I am horrified that my old GS/MS/HS art will show up. But that is just delusions of grandeur on my part!

Another artist once gave me a canvas to paint over-she hated the painting so much she could not do it. some time afterword another person told me his favorite painting by that artist was the one I had painted over.

Is Chan's open?

on Tuesday, January 24th, Elise said

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments etc. I'm in a huge rush, on my way to teach an astronomy session to 40 6th graders!

Just quickly, Subi, I did do a lot of funky weird stuff before we were friends, most of it is gone away now.

Kasia, you're right about "artistic evolution", I'm not *that* worried about it, more curious than anything...where are they now...

Greg, I like that, "freaky cool"...

Oh, and Rob, you did say Chan's right (Thai) or did you mean to say Chinese Dragon? Anyway, I'll call Chan's this afternoon and make sure they've opened up again after their long holiday.

on Tuesday, January 24th, Elise said

Oh, and subi, Hawaii is conference related so you don't have to look at it as a travel infidelity. We're still (hopefully) on to come see you this summer.

on Tuesday, January 24th, ann said

I just started reading a book last night about the small things we do for other people... how they are gifts from the divine. It's an interesting concept. The book's a little Christian/God-centric for me, but the ideas are interesting.

Regardless, the small little things we do can make a world of difference in someone else's life. And it's great to be on the receiving end of that sometimes. :)

on Tuesday, January 24th, Elise said

yah, the idea seems interesting, I guess there are multiple definitions for "divine"...for example, Baltimore's entertaining transvestite diva from all those John Water's films...
:( I couldn't help myself!

on Tuesday, January 24th, Jackie said

E: Makes me wonder what you were smokin' back when you painted that - or what kind of mushrooms you'd been ingesting! Thanks for sharing! :cry: I'm sufficiently traumatized now...

on Tuesday, January 24th, Elise said

I guess I went through a phase where I thought art had to be raw and and ugly, you be taken seriously as an artist. I had some instructors who would grill you in a critique if you did something beautiful that had good technique...they labled it all as sofa art.

Quoting Cartman, "Whatever. I do what I want."

(Sorry for traumatizing you though!)