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01/24/2006: "I don't collect snow globes anymore..."

Today we got *a lot* of snow. In my driveway it came up past my knees but it was so light and fluffy that walking through it made me laugh out loud! Two kids shoveled everything for 10 bucks and 5 minutes after they finished the snow plow came by and filled everything back in!...and it's still snowing. But it is beautiful outside...I'd love to just stay in tomorrow and drink cocoa and paint but we *never* get snow days.

I talked to D at the printers (I drove through said snow storm to pick up my prints only to realize I didn't bring any money with me)...he's a member of the Juneau Artists Gallery so I asked him if they had decided to jury in any new artists and he said currently there are close to 15 artists trying to get jurried onto the *waiting* list and they won't make any decisions for a couple months. Depressing.

I also talked with fellow Juneau artist Rob who called me at work (sneaky) where I *have* to answer my phone despite my small phobia. It's really nice having someone in town to talk to who's already gone through some of the issues I'm dealing with. Someday we may actually meet in person too! DTD (Chan's is closed until Jan. 31st btw).

I also checked out "The Business of Being an Artist". I think this officially means I've read more books about making a living as an artist than on how to actually make the art. What does that say about me?