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01/28/2006: "A good day"

So, this morning I finally met a local Juneau artist Rob Roys for breakfast at a funky little downtown cafe. He also showed me his gallery, and a space that's available for rent next door that he thinks would also make a good gallery and wants me to maybe go in on it with him. (I should mention that I got to see some of his new work and it looked really good, way to go Rob!)

He's a fun guy, seems to know everyone and has an inside track on all the fun stuff going on in town. Makes me feel kind of lame actually. I'm also not very smooth at meeting new people, i always think afterward...why did I say that? I must have sounded like an ass! Oh well, it's just nice to meet another artist in town who's as serious as I am.

I felt inspired to paint afterwards and I worked on one all didn't go fantastically well but it was fun. I also took another "mystery photo" posted below. Anyone what to take a guess?

Then tonight I went to a party at my friend Ann's house. A really interesting group of people, yummy food and wine, lots of laughing. I almost didn't go. All day I didn't really think I'd go but at the last minute I forced myself because I knew I'd have fun...and of course I did.

Now I have a bit of a buz on and I've decided to start a new painting as it is still a bit before midnight and I have a lot of creative energy at the moment. Some days it's just good to be alive.

decay4 (49k image)

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on Sunday, January 29th, subi said

well, since i know your predilection for mold, my guess is mold on some kind of gourd-like plant.

on Sunday, January 29th, Howard said

I'd guess pumpkin.

on Sunday, January 29th, trycja said

Yeee pumpkin, but first I saw avalanche with cloud of dust or eruption of volcano... but maybe I have black thoughts today...

on Sunday, January 29th, Elise said

That one was too easy!
Here are a couple more shots of it:

But I think it's really cool Trycja that at first you saw the dust of an avalanche or a volcanic eruption!

decay1 (53k image)

decay2 (59k image)

on Sunday, January 29th, RR said

So, was it a halloween pumpkin :)

on Sunday, January 29th, ann said

So glad you had a fun time last night! And I'm very glad you made it to my party.

That last picture (in the comments section) looks like a sore on a zombie. :)

on Sunday, January 29th, Elise said

Hi RR, actually it wasn't from halloween, it was an organic carnival squash but it looks just like a pumpkin...I've only had it a couple weeks, but it spoiled before I could eat it.

And Ann, I *did* have fun! And as for the last photo, I had that *same exact* thought,
Great minds must think alike.

on Sunday, January 29th, greg said

It's nice you got to connect with another artist and one who knows the town. I think it's important that we be around creative people.

I looked in vain for some local collegues, but it seems most guy painters can be a bit stand offish ...

But it's great to get introduced to new business opps - hope you make a good decision about it. A personal gallery in a nice location is like a dream situation!

on Sunday, January 29th, Elise said

I agree that making friends with artists can be you go to a lot of openings? I suppose it's a bit different if you live in a larger community, here, you start to get to know people by reputation and just by going to openings etc.

I agree it would be a dream situation but I also realize that my furnace can't go any lower than 50 degrees and there's only so much that can be cut from one's budget. I'm doing my taxes, I'll see if I get much money back, then it might be a possibility.