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01/29/2006: "it's not about sales it's not about sales it's not about sales..."

I just finished doing some calculations for my 2005 taxes and despite increased efforts, I made *less* in 2005 than either 2004 or 2003. How depressing is that? Plus, it seems my business related expenses have gone up. I suppose in terms of a tax refund that's good news but I'm really working my ass off and I seem to be losing ground.

I know I know, it's about moving ahead artistically...sales are a nice bonus and a type of psychological confirmation, but they aren't the be all end all. Still, I can't help feeling a tiny bit dejected. The "taking time off from exhibiting" idea was good in theory but is probably one of the reasons for the less than thrilling sales in 2005. I mean, if you don't show your work, chances are you won't sell it, right?

So, enough resting on my laurels, it's time to get out there and get my work in a gallery or try to set up some exhibits for 2006!

Oh, and as a follow-up on how to store my in progress paintings on wood panel, I ended up buying some adhesive-hangers (18k image)
I stick one on the back of each and so far a single hanger will hold a painting up to 18 X've got that going for me!

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on Monday, January 30th, greg said

Wow those are strong enough to hold up panel? What panel are you using again?

I suppose a way to look at one's finances is things always wobble - and after a lean year you can reap a harvest. Since you say your business efforts have increased, and you're working yer patootie off, then you are making a huge investment!!

Dont be depressed, and dont worry about how things "seem." The only thing is to keep plugging away, and hard work will pay off. You can't imagine the huge hit I took last year, and I have a working spouse. You really sound like things are going pretty okay for yourself. We're out here cheering on the huge leaps you've really taken!!

I *will* agree with you - 2006 better be a heckofalot better than last stinkin' year! :crazy:

on Monday, January 30th, Elise said

That's what I need, a working spouse! Any takers???
I know you're right, it's just I made significantly less in 05.

And yes, they're strong enough to hold up panel...I use Ampersand gessoboard, pre-gessoed, archival hardboard panel...but not the cradled kind. You wouldn't need hooks if it was cradled.

on Tuesday, January 31st, greg said

:rolleyes: On the bright side I just learned Exxon/Mobil recorded their best year EVER in '05, earning over 10 Beeleeoon dollars in the last qtr alone!

That should pump lots of cash into the AK economy giving you lots of rich arts patrons and huge sales for years to come!! :laugh: ... it just helps to sometimes look speculatively ahead ...

on Tuesday, January 31st, Elise said

Yes, I'm very happy for Exxon/Mobil, NOT!

They still owe the state millions of dollars for the oil spill...and thanks to high oil prices I have to plod around my house in 15 layers like the kid in "The Christmas Story"...not fair!

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