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01/31/2006: "Opus in gold and brown"

Seems my last mystery photo was too easy so this one is much tougher, a countertop combo. I will be exceedingly impressed if someone guesses it.

basura (55k image)

In other news, I spent tonight looking at sites from Google's directory:
Arts > Visual Arts > Painting > Painters > The Human Figure

I love looking at other contemporary artists, not only their work but also their web sites, their statements, and everything else. I remember before the widespread use of the web how it was practically impossible to find out what was going on in the art world outside of the big names being published in North American art journals. Now we can see completely unknown artists from all over the world...I still find it incredibly exciting.

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on Wednesday, February 1st, Howard said

I thought for a moment you might of been switching to abstracts. :laugh:

on Wednesday, February 1st, Elise said

I was thinking that last night, how much I enjoy photographing real items and cropping them to make them look abstract.

on Wednesday, February 1st, greg said

Countertop? can only mean coffee stains and wine bottle rings? Looks just like mine, 'cept mine is less in focus :D

on Wednesday, February 1st, greg said

... and it's a wonderful image too btw. Had a moment with it - thanks!

on Wednesday, February 1st, subi said

okay, hope it isn't blood dried on your leg or something, but it has a wound like feel! and you know that brown liquid sometimes used for wounds? that's my far fetched guess!

on Wednesday, February 1st, Elise said

Hi Greg...and nope! (I mean, I *do* have coffee and wine stains but that's not what this photo is of)

And Subi, GROSS!

What do you think I'm doin up here? (or am I down here?)

But you get the award for most original guess...and you're right, there is a certain "woundieness" about it.

on Wednesday, February 1st, Elise said

I should also mention that someone sent me an email who guessed part of it right.

on Wednesday, February 1st, marja-leena said

Lovely image! Hmm.. I recognize some countertop material, the grey marbly look. The yellow dried spills of raw egg, and the brown some kind of sauce - soy?steak?worcestershire? or meat drippings ie. blood? spilled and dried.

on Wednesday, February 1st, Elise said

well, you got part of it right Marja-leena! Which is impressive. The crackled looking bit is indeed egg whites on marbled countertop. The other part is not meat, blood, or sauce though.


on Wednesday, February 1st, marja-leena said


on Wednesday, February 1st, Elise said

Nope, not a condiment of any kind.

on Thursday, February 2nd, holly said


on Thursday, February 2nd, Elise said

Rust on a countertop? That's as good as Subi thinking it was dried blood from wounds on my leg! I mean, I can be disgusting but really!

on Thursday, February 2nd, steve said

carrot peels. Old,nasty carrot peels.

on Thursday, February 2nd, Elise said

You got it Steve!

Old nasty carrot peels stuck in dried egg whites...

Who wants to come have dinner at my place tonight?

Just kidding, my house is all clean now.

on Thursday, February 2nd, subi said

i think you really were meant to be a scientist with all of these project you have growing in your al... and how can rust compare to wounds, pray tell???? and have you chatted R up of late as in RQ? And so???? and summer rendezvous??? huh huh huh?

on Thursday, February 2nd, Elise said

I haven't spoken with RQ since before Christmas. There were a couple message from him on my machine when I got back from Nebraska but I never called him back! What's wrong with me.

Anyway, if we *were* going to come for a visit, what would be the best time? I'll give him a call this weekend.

on Thursday, February 2nd, Jackie said

E: Well - I was certainly trying to fit blood in there somewhere, knowing your propensity for zombies. I was gonna say dried meat juice and egg. MMMM... steak tartar! :rolleyes:

on Thursday, February 2nd, Elise said

EW! Have you ever had steak tartar? I've never been brave enough to try it, especially now with the mad cow etc.

on Thursday, February 2nd, Kasia said

What a great riddle! Form it look s more like coffee on ice!

on Thursday, February 2nd, Elise said

Really Kasia? Coffee on Ice must look different in Poland!

on Friday, February 3rd, Kasia said


on Friday, February 3rd, subi said

whenever the time suits you Elise,I am as free as a kite? (and barely tethered at that!) I miss you both SOOOO much :(

on Friday, February 3rd, subi said

btw, steak tartar is huge here!!! as well as general raw meat...i would trust any meat product from Switzerland for sure but from elsewhere...uhuh... :doze:

on Friday, February 3rd, Elise said

I miss you too (as does Rick) so...there aren't any times in the summer that are better than others, in terms of costs etc.? I guess we'll have to look into it. (have I mentioned I'm broke!)

on Friday, February 3rd, Jackie said

E: Ugh - no, I've never tried steak tartar! Although I like my beef medium rare (bloody) - I like it hot, and not raw. I like sushi - but not sashimi.
Looks like you better practice up on eating steak tartar, since it's so popular in Switzerland, you zombie girl! :laugh:

on Friday, February 3rd, Elise said