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02/02/2006: "A woman needs her mystery!"

Today I worked on my course from home, 9:00am-9:00pm non-stop except for a few coffee and snack breaks (baby garlic dill pickles dipped in chunky peanut butter). It was one of my mom's favorites too, only she ate them in sandwiches and I'm cutting back on bread in the hopes that some of my ginormous girth can be diminished before my trip to Hawaii in June.

Tomorrow night is Gallery Walk for February. I'm bummed because the Yacht Club has its monthly meetings on the first Friday of every month as well. I'm going to try and hit both of them! Yes...I seem to be going out in public a great deal lately. Increased periods of social activity are generally accompanied with decreased artistic output but I am striving hard for the ever elusive "balance" I've heard tell of (wait, was that a sentance?).

Speaking of which, I've decided to make "New Month's Resolutions"...once a year isn't enough. So, my resolutions for February are as follows: 1.---------- --- --- ------- --- - ------ --- -- (Edited out because it was business related) 2. Continue to do non art related stuff (sleep, brush teeth, leave my house etc.). 3. Go to the new UAS Gym (so far Iíve had a membership for months but Iíve only been there once, for the opening BBQ!). 4. Have one low key get together at my place. 5. Clean my place of all potential "mystery photos".

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on Friday, February 3rd, ann said

1) I have never, ever thought of you as having a "ginormous girth." And I don't lie to my friends about these things...

2) Pickles and peanut butter? Oh, my!

3) I like the idea of monthly resolutions . I thought about it at the beginning of the year, but I (conveniently?) forgot all about it!

on Friday, February 3rd, Elise said

Well, thanks Ann but you know what I mean... I've been unhealthy for several years now since moving to Juneau and it shows! (but not for long...)
As for pickles and peanutbutter...don't knock it if you haven't tried's incredibly good!

And finally, it's never too late to start? You could make Feb.'s new years resolution today! (btw, you've been doing *a lot* so regardless of what you're calling it, it seems like you're making and following through on a lot of goals)

on Sunday, February 12th, Ren said

LOVE your blog! I stumbled across your site and blog by utter chance, looking for 100 things ideas.:)

I'm a former Alaskan (raised in Fairbanks) and one of my best friends lives in Juneau (Stacie Carpenter). I discovered ATC's last year also and my "imaginationtribe" email list is now doing regular trades if you'd like to drop in sometime (yahoogroups). Love your art...very expressive.

on Sunday, February 12th, Elise said

Hi Ren, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you like this blog, it's always a little different...if I'm going through a creative spurt and actually painting or if (like recently) I'm not painting so I tend to ramble about mundane daily life stuff.

Anyway, hello to a former Alaskan from a current one (though once an Alaskan, always an Alaskan IMO)

ATCs are great, though I haven't had the time for them lately. If I get the chance I'll stop by your yahoogroup, though I must admit I've never been a big fan of them...I'm not sure why.

Anyway, thanks again!