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02/19/2006: "If only I could be in two (or three) places..."

"I love you and I *need* you to move to Baltimore!" Her voice slurred but she was sincere. She put me on speaker so the husband (whom I also adore) could concur. Weíve had this discussion many times (over bottles of red wine)Ösometimes living in Alaska is like living in another country; itís as expensive for me to go Down South as it is for someone in the lower 48 to fly to Europe. There are so many people I love dearly that I only get to see occasionally, but what can I do? Iím an Alaskan Girl through and through.

Saturday morning I went to my first League of Women Voter's of Juneau meeting a tad hung over...Iím a new board member and was trying to make a good impression but it wasnít easy focusing through my bloodshot eyes. Afterwards I walked over to the Two Crow gallery to see an exhibit and hung out for several hours with the owner (artist Rob Roys...hi Rob) which was great; I love having someone to talk to who is as jazzed about art as I am!

Back at my studio I didnít do much; I don't know about you but I can't get started on anything when I know I'm only going to have a few hours. I had to leave to volunteer for the Wearable Art extravaganza (fantastic btw!) a new friend of mine also volunteered and his section was next to mine so that made it fun. Our friends Ann and Brian were in the show as Good Clean Fun! Everyone celebrated afterwards but (normally antisocial me) was too spent.

Today I went for a long walk and then hung out at home, drank coffee, read, and played guitar. As much as I pine away for friends and family (and fatasize about moving closer to them), I feel so at home on my foggy little island.

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on Sunday, February 19th, subi said

oh, i understand! perhaps we all need to invade your island! i sometimes dream about coming back to AK. maybe when H. finishes his uni program--are there many jobs there for engineers? (hope) I miss you too!

on Sunday, February 19th, Elise said

Actually, I think there are quite a few engineering jobs here! That would be so amazing if you could move here. BTW, I have a question, is it true that every Swiss citizen is automatically in the military and everyone is armed?

Also, it's looking like I might not be able to come to Switzerland this year after all. I know it sounds boring and lame but I think I'll have to get new siding. I'm getting leaks!

on Monday, February 20th, Kasia said

Hey, put some pictures of your "foggy little island" ;)

on Monday, February 20th, Elise said

I don't know why Kasia, but I haven't been out taking many photos lately. I guess it's hard to in the winter because there is so much precipitation and my digital camera would get wet...but I'll try to take some new photos soon!

on Tuesday, February 21st, Brian said

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you after the show on Saturday. I'm so glad that you were able to make it though. It was great just to hear your laugh on the video. You were laughing WITH us, right?

And I'll have to talk to Ann about that photo - it's a cute shot, but my eyes are closed!

on Tuesday, February 21st, Elise said

I was laughing *near* you!
Seriously though, I had no idea you guys had a routine and everything, that was so cool...I really enjoyed it!
:D (smiles with eyes closed)