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02/20/2006: "Foggy little Island"

KAsia asked for some pictures so here are a couple I took this morning of two ravens sitting on top of the steeple of the church across the street from me.

two-ravens-douglas-island (46k image)

two-ravens-douglas-island2 (36k image)

Replies: 7 Comments

on Monday, February 20th, Kasia said

Looks absolutely fantastic! WoW!

on Monday, February 20th, Elise said

Thanks Kasia, I think it's pretty beautiful here as well.

on Monday, February 20th, Kasia said

That's why I would love to live in alaska! The view is absolutely terrific. i would love to have one....:( No wonder you feel so happy there!

on Monday, February 20th, ann said


on Monday, February 20th, Elise said

Alaska can be a tough place to live, so it needs to be obscenely beautiful to make up for it!

on Tuesday, February 21st, subi said

God, it is so beautiful, there. No worries about CH, I only want you to come when you can and want to. but that island of yours sure looks mystical!


on Tuesday, February 21st, Elise said

It is in my plans to come visit you, one way or just *might* not be this summer...ah the joys of home ownership.