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02/22/2006: "Feel free to admire my feet!"

Tomorrow I leave for a conference in Anchorage where I'll present Designing Accessible Websites on Sun. "This program will describe strategies used to design accessible, standards based websites. Topics covered: Server-side includes (SSI); Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); 508 Compliance; ISO Standards; the W3C; XHTML, XML, and depricated HTML."

It recently dawned on me that in addition to putting this in my tenure file, I'll actually have to give this presentation! I've been panicking, pouring over books and websites...I know this stuff but *teaching* it, is another matter.
:cry: Plus, I don't have time to get my prints ready. I was going to visit some of the downtown galleries and see if any of them would consider selling my prints but I'll be lucky just to get a load of laundry finished in time to pack.

Earlier I did some vanity surfing and found a foot fetish guy who posted a photo of my feet and later posted Art & New Love (after you open the link you have to refresh the page to see the entire post..note: in 2nd part, those aren't my feet & he's not talking about me!). He had interesting observations about my work that made me feel wonderful in and of itself, but then someone else added this great comment "Elise Tomlinson is one of my favorite artists. No matter the emotion of the work, her colors are always vivid and expressive."

Gee, wow, crazy man! I'm one of somebody's favorite artists! It's amazing how even the tiniest bit of affirmation can make me feel absolutely giddy with delight. Besides my own inner whatever that forces me to keep working, comments like these from people who appreciate my work are as important (if not more so) than actually selling stuff (though that rocks too!).

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on Thursday, February 23rd, Subi said

hey, you certainly do have an with a foot fetish as well!!! watch out you cutesy-footsy bewitching lady!

on Thursday, February 23rd, Kasia said

The guy sounds nice but a little bit crazy:) And you have got really very pretty feet! :D

on Thursday, February 23rd, Jackie said

E: So - how did this foot fetishist get the photo of your feet? Or did you just mean the feet from your paintings? If they are your feet with the red strappy sandles: ooh la la! (I never paint my toenails).

on Thursday, February 23rd, Elise said

I should clarify that...there was a bit of a non-sequitur there...the first part of that post is about my paintings, the part about being in love (and the red strappy sandles) is some other woman that I think he's it's not really that strange.

He posted a different photo of my feet on a previous post...just a little blurry thing I shot after I had painted my toenails and before I went in for surgery.

on Thursday, February 23rd, subi said

hahaha :P that's too funny!!!! either way, it's cool to have fans!!! hopefully he'll buy some paintings/prints!

on Thursday, February 23rd, Jackie said

E: Whew! Okay - we almost got one of those vicious rumor-mills going here!
I went on one date with a guy with a foot fetish (and earlobe fetish) in college - he was really weird and creepy. And he was in my Western Civ class or similar - and after the date that ended badly, kept coming up to me after class trying to ask me why I didn't want to talk to him anymore. Ewwww...get me some Hand Sanitizer!

on Thursday, February 23rd, Elise said

Yah, I've had a few dates like that. I watched the movie kinsey recently and have come to realize that people are into all kinds of different things, now with the web it's just easier to express them.