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02/26/2006: "That could have gone better..."

Worst conference ever. First the terrifying flight to Anchorage...after which I felt nauseated and had a terrible headache. Next, I got sick on Sat. during a snow storm...terrible roads, I had to drive home through white out conditions while feeling like I was on death's door. I told my sis I thought I had the flu and proceeded to throw up all over everything (sweet sweet sister cleaned it all up and took care of me)...

Meanwhile, my presentation was the next morning. I didn't think I could do it but didn't want to cancel either, as I'd put so much time into it. I hallucinated that I was writing code and moving it around a big transparent screen with my hands (ala Tom Cruise in Minority Report)...this went on all night...not a dream, as I was aware I was on my sister's couch and I could see the clock and each passing hour until it was time to get up. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Anyway, I decided to try presenting on Sunday, but it felt like I was talking from inside a bubble. There was a guy in the audience that I really like, he's a great guy...seriously, only he kept explaining things right before I'd get there in my notes...cutting me off...which made me lose my train of thought...I kind of felt like he high-jacked my presentation a bit but whatever, at least it's over with.

I almost canceled my flight home tonight because I'm still so weak and shakey and now I think I have bronchitis on top of everything else...but more than anything I just wanted to get back to my own bed, which is where I'm going now. The flight, I'm happy to say, was uneventful!

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on Monday, February 27th, Kasia said

Get yourself a cup of hot beer!
I know the feeling of being not able to do anything...It is terrible.
So good that you are back:)

on Monday, February 27th, Elise said

Thanks Kasia, feels great to be home even if I am still sick. Seems I've been sick more this winter than ever before.

Oh, and HOT BEER!??? don't say that, it will make me puke again!

on Monday, February 27th, ann said

Yuck. Hope you feel better soon!

And, if you need anything, let me know!

on Monday, February 27th, RB said

"I hallucinated that I was writing code and moving it around a big transparent screen with my hands"

Hey some people will pay money for that kind of an experience :)

Get well soon!

on Tuesday, February 28th, Dio said

Hope your feeling better soon - and that waking up from a semi real dream involving computer stuff, I get that all the time, I had to write one down the other night in a vain attempt to stop stuff going through my head.

You sounds rough, rough, rough. :(

on Tuesday, February 28th, Kasia said

No, no - hot beer is great - with herbs and honey!

on Tuesday, February 28th, greg said

Wishing you well back home in your comfy bed and purring kitties. It's over and you made it! Leave it all behind and expect the new wonderful something probably right around the corner! :)

on Tuesday, February 28th, berry bowman connell said

This should seem out of place....
The new Artist's Magazine has two articles pertaining to helping folks (artists, too) getting a "resume" and or portfolio together.
I would share my own experiences with you on this matter, but it is very short and succinct.
Do it sooner or fall behind. Once falling behind, you will have to start all over again, and then you will have to do it sooner or you will fall behind, and if you.....annd so on.
Trust me on this....DO IT (put together a portfolio of any kind) or fall behind.
Of course, Elise, you already know I sometimes go omn about the wrong things, but, this time, the magazine article will be a help in your putting together something.
Well,....unless you're done doing it, and I'm just so far behind.....again....

on Friday, March 3rd, RR said

Sorry to hear you were sick - did you eat anything with mushrooms in????

on Friday, March 3rd, Elise said

Thanks for the additional info Berry, I only saw this post today!

And RR, I don't think I ate any mushrooms...the flu has been making the round hard-core in Alaska and this is the first winter I didn't get vaccinated.