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03/06/2006: "This is how I am, and you are, and it's real life!"

Here is my first ever audio post so you can hear what I sound like (kind of).

UPDATE! Now I have added a link to Kasia saying hello. Enjoy! Anyone else???

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on Tuesday, March 7th, Dio said

Great stuff - you sound well different to what I expected - it very pleasing to hear your voice in person as it were. It adds a whole new meaning to the way I read things now. :)

I keep meaning to try the audio blog service, but I have a very poor Telephone line so I've never given it a go.

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

Thai is so cool! Such a nice voice:)

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

Hey Dio, you should give the audio blog thing a try, I'd *love* to hear your voice...I'm not sure what a Wales accent sounds like but I know it will be brilliant!

May I ask in what way I sound "different"...?
Different usually isn't good.
And Kasia, you should do an audio post as well and pronounce your name. I was going to say hello but realized I would probably butcher the pronunciation.

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

All right I will:))
I have a question:what's the address of the site you were talking about - tune something? I think I didn't understand the word, thought it was, but it isn't;)

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

Cool Kasia, I'll check out your site later today when I get home from work. I'm still at home and I like to keep my blogging to off work time.

The site is and it doesn't actually provide you with the songs, only the names of the artists and the tracks so you can find them in itunes or in my case, Napster.

Still, I think it's a great site as I'm always hearing songs in shows that I want to listen to again.

on Tuesday, March 7th, greg said

How cool is that?! But now everyone will want to phone you just to hear "the voice" again ... :D Prepared for that? :P

You actually sound exactly like I would've imagined it. Your voice suits you fine! What do you think of it?? :)

I think Dio must sound like Lemmy from Motorhead.

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

I have had a couple of people phone me and leave messages that they "just wanted to talk" to someone from Alaska.


But I have never liked my voice. I have this loud obnoxious laugh too. People used to come up to me and say "were you at the 5:00 showing of Next Friday this weekend?" because they could recognize my laugh!

And I don't believe I've ever heard Lemmy he Welsh?

on Tuesday, March 7th, ann said

Love the audio post! And the song, too. :)

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

You know Ann, I realized that I have all this hard, depressing music so I started a playlist in Napster called "happy" and when ever I hear an upbeat song that makes me feel positive etc. I put it in there. Music really effects my mood and it's nice to listen to uplifting stuff from time to time!

This band "The Southland" reminds me of Squeeze...I had forgotten all about them.

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

Well I think in my blog it is not possible to an audio file. But if you agree I've got an idea: I'll send you my message by mail. Could put it in elise. media. wav? Then I would take that a link (I just need a link) it from you and put it into my blog? Maybe somebody knows the way to upload audio post on blogger? I guess it is posibble with photos only:(

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

I forgot some verbs here above. I meant: "to put an audio file", and then a pronoun "could you put it". Sorry. When I am in a hurry mu english sucks:(

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

Hi Kasia, the link to audioblogger is:

They have an Frequently Asked Questions page as well:

Good luck, and if this doesn't work I'd be happy to post yours on mine and let you link to it.

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

Hi again, I didn't realize you had emailed me the audio file. I went ahead and added it to the main entry above...feel free to link to it!

By the way, I think you sound great, you speak English perfectly and have a cute little accent!

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

:D Thank you! Yuo are so nice!
Today I went to the post office today to ask if I could send beer to the US. I wanted to send you and David a few bottles of "Żywiec", but it is not possible to send any alcohol to the US, unfortunately.:(

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

It means you gotta come here ;)Don't worry about the $$$ - Poland is quite cheap (it's not Norway, which is insanely expensive, far more expensive than the U.S.)and of course you can stay at my place:)

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

That was a very sweet idea to send us beer, oh well, it will provide more insentive to visit you in Poland someday. Maybe David and I could arrange to come at the same time, I haven't seen him in years.

on Tuesday, March 7th, Jackie said

E: So cool! Actually, you have a very pleasant voice! I was shocked that you posted your 'sorta hello' out there - since you say you hate talking on the phone so much! But I guess when you don't have to have a 2-way conversation, it's different, eh? But now you've done it - you must record your laugh for all to hear! :hehe:

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

Hey Jackie, it took me about 15 trys on that because I kept rambling and laughing and I even said "this is why I don't talk on the phone" but by the 16th try I got all the way through!

As for the laugh...eeee...I think that is something I don't want out in the blogosphere. People say it's infectious, as in, viral!

on Tuesday, March 7th, Kasia said

Sounds fine:))

on Tuesday, March 7th, Elise said

You haven't heard my laugh!

on Wednesday, March 8th, Kasia said

I know! :D I meant it sounds fine that it it infectious. You laugh - everybody laughs with you, right? (not at you, with you)

on Wednesday, March 8th, Dio said

Different in a nice way Elise, you sounded a lot lighter and girly than I imagined. I had you as quite a deep femine voice for some reason, and not so American. :)

As for me, I can be heard mumbling behind the camera on this video clip - its not a strong Welsh accent, its a Cardiff one which is quite different. I'm the one stringing the guitar half way through, the deep voiced one. :)

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Oh, I see what ya mean Kasia. I suppose everybody laughs with me (or near me at least).

And Dio, WOW! First off, is that your band? I liked that song you were working on...or were you just the camera guy...? If so I have a suggestion...TRIPOD!
Just kidding, but if your voice was the one I think, you sound incredibly cool. That is a unique accent and so deep, you could be on the radio. It's interesting that Cardiff has its own accent, it's not a very big place right?

What city were you in, in the video? I could have sworn I say Stonehenge in the background...

oh, and as for my own voice, I've never been told I have a "girly" voice before. :cry:

It's also strange to think that I sound "American". I have what's called (in the US) a "non-regional dialect" it's how they talk on the news and stuff and is supposed to be complete void of any regional accents, like those from our East Coast or the South...ya know?

but I guess it makes sense. I'll maybe try and practice a Cardiff accent for the next time I travel abroad, just to be on the safe side. Maybe you could make a practice tape saying "I'm not American, really, I'm from the cool Welsh capital, Cardiff".

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

btw, is Cardiff on the same GMT as London? I've added it to my "friends" clock on my left nav bar.

on Wednesday, March 8th, ann said

I love your laugh.

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Even though I can be heard cackling through your entire runway jaunt!??

on Wednesday, March 8th, Rod said

Hmm.. I can hear Kasia, but yours doesn't work. I guess my computer sucks. :(

on Wednesday, March 8th, Elise said

Hey Rod, i knew I made the audio file too big...ah well, what do you need to listen to it for anyway, just call me!

BTW, your painting is ready. Now I need to know where to send it.

on Thursday, March 9th, RR said

It's so cool to hear your voice. You have a lovely voice and I have to agree with Dio, it was slightly "lighter" than I had imagined too but not quite "girly". Compared to Dio's dulcit tones most male voices are high :P (Sorry Dio :laugh: )

on Thursday, March 9th, Elise said

I'd *love* to hear your voice too RR! If you send me a little audio file I'll post it as well. It would be fun to have little audio files of all the regulars.

And Dio's voice was pretty damn impressive eh!???

on Saturday, March 11th, RR said

Nooooooooo, I'm way too shy to put my voice online....and I hate hearing my own voice - although a few people have said I have a nice telephone voice. Anyway, I just tried recording onto my phone but the result really was so bad I daren't send it to you. I've just have to remain a mystery for now :-)

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

I'm sure you sound great. If you change your mind or try it again and it turns out better, be sure to send me your audio file by email and I'll post it. I mean, I want to get audio posts from as many regulars as possible and keep them on the side bar so everyone can hear what everyone else sounds like.

on Sunday, March 12th, Dio said

My band it was - a lo fi bedroom band really, but for a short incandesent moment, a band none-the-less!

That was in Cardiff, and Stonehenge may actually have been the Cardiff Bay Barrage. Cardiff has a population of about 300,000, so no, its not big, but you can tell west Cardiffians from east Cardiffians! But seldom do we sound overly Welsh.

In fact - More on the accent here if you're bored.

on Sunday, March 12th, Elise said

Thanks Dio, I'll check it out. So, the band is no more? What a shame! And 300,000 is pretty damn big to me! It looks cool, I knew it was too big to be Bath but that stone hengesque thing threw me.

Is one side of Cardiff considered the "wrong side of the tracks"?