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03/08/2006: "I hate Yahoo IM"

I got an invite from my grandma tonight to sign up for yahoo instant messenger. I used to have an account but uninstalled it awhile back. I forgot why but it's all coming back to me. Weird buggy stuff happening like crazy..I just lost the long message I wrote here earlier. AAAAHHHHH! it's been installed for under an hour and I already want to throw my computer out the window. Why am I the only one who feels hi-jacked by this application? Everyone else I know loves it.

Anyway, to recap, I think the workshop is going to be excellent. The other two panalists are incredibly knowledgable, I learned a lot just from our meeting this afternoon. One of them is the curator at the city museum and the other is an artist and on the panel that judges artists for exhibits at the State Museum. He's going to be covering the do's and don't of submitting for shows. I will be useful for the students and artists just starting out or who are broke (as I know lots of cheap tricks!)

We'll be covering exhibition timelines, artist statements, traditional and online portfolios, photographing your work, hanging and lighting a show, promotional materials, etc. We're going to have a website with templates too, for creating business cards or show invitations etc. there will be lots of hands on stuff as it is an all-day thing. I would have *loved* something like this when I was a student, instead of just being thrown to the wolves.

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on Thursday, March 9th,">Sam said

I wonder why they do not teach those vital skills at most art schools. You'd think at they would be required. I did not learn anything about what to do after art school in my program either. Good luck with your workshop, I wish I could go to it. What will be your role?

on Thursday, March 9th, Elise said

Thanks Sam,
I'm primarily doing the marketing angle, but also the eportfolio (web page) stuff and an easy way to set up online credit card processing...things like that.

on Thursday, March 9th, Jackie said

E: I hate Yahoo IM too! We downloaded the Yahoo My Music feature (which we pay for), and it put the IM and toolbar on our computer, which we've tried *unsuccessfully* to delete. Grrr. And then, to make matters worse, my 13-year old niece was visiting a few weekends ago, and used Yahoo IM to chat with all her little friends, so now whenever we go online, all these IM'ers pop up saying "Hi!". :crazy:

on Thursday, March 9th, Elise said

I might know how to help you with that. When I get home tonight I'll see if I can figure it out, I don't have IM on my work machine.

on Thursday, March 9th, Judy Vars said

January 1st last year I started an online class called Setting up Your Art Business Alyson B. Stanfield, [

on Thursday, March 9th, Elise said

Hi Judy, do you feel that the class has helped you as an artist? Was it free or did you have to pay?

on Friday, March 10th, berry bowman connell said

Yes, I have it on good accord that the reason they call it "Windows" is that so many are tossing theirs out them....
OK, seriously though. I'm glad you'll be posting it over the internet as even "old dogs" can learn, too. I still search for ideas all the time, but being broke is only part of the problem. Being a lazy male IS another aspect of it, for sure, but that ain't it.
It's being able to put together a comprehensive plan that takes in your art (whatever that may be) and then working that plan. If you can get in time to paint, too, all the better. For example, where I thought this was going to be a HOT time for me in Mar, Apr, May and Oct, has been really skewered big time. The March show got put off till May 21, two weeks following the other May show (on he fifth) but now it seems I must make my studio availiable for the sponsor to come to where he will pick the eight to ten pieces.....DANG! My KITCHEN is my studio right now, and then there's the pile of paintings in the music room (that Steve would dearly love to see move out) and the other stacks in the dining room, the bedrooms (Yeah, mine and his, too. If I can find open space in this house and it's safe from the outside, there are paintings there) the tv room, ......
I really don't think that this is going to pan out, but, it's a cotton pickin show, so I'm gonna have to fake it if all else fails.
Then I got the October show tugged out from underneath me, but, in this case, it may be OK. It will be a one man show instead of sharing with another person, who, even though is a fine painter, has a style extremely foreign to mine.
Yeah, I know differences sometimes are good, and I'm all for it, but, well. I dunno. It will be in August and I'll be able to devote some time to it and even go so far as to do demonstrations there.

Sorry....I'm only just beginning to realize that TMI is apparent in everything I say or write.
I'm glad you're on track with the class thing, and hopefully look forward to seeing it.....
Well, unless I have to go to Alaske to see it.
Can ya put me up for a few nights?

(that's a joke....)

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

Hi Berry, I had a stretch like that myself, I mean, the first place I was to have my show went out of business 2 weeks before the opening, after I'd already sent out invitations and press release etc.

Then the second place I was to show canceled on me because of a miscommunication with another artist on when he needed to take his work down...then it got postponed AGAIN. I was ready to throw the cursed paintings into the channel, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

From my own perspective, I would *never* do another 2-person show. My only experience with one was a total disaster. Everyone bought the other artist's work and I only sold 2 paintings. It made me feel horrible.

You're better off this way, anyway, I'm sure it will all work out. It's impressive that you have as many opportunities as you do!