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03/10/2006: "Test IV"

Well, there are a couple ways of doing this. One requires work and I'm attempting to use the Rssify site to do it as a quick shortcut. I'm not sure though, I may have to just do it the long drawn out way, but since I'm working on my class today, it will have to wait.

falling-leaves (27k image)

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on Friday, March 10th, marja-leena said

The reader highlit your site as having an update. The text says Friday, March 10th only - no text and none of the older entries are listed.

on Friday, March 10th, Elise said

Thanks! I'm trying a new feed, I just haven't linked to it yet with my XML button because I'm going to test it myself in a couple places.

Thanks so much for your help!

on Friday, March 10th, ann said

It tells me you have a new entry, with just the date. But that works for me, since I always click over to read entries from the actual blogs anyway.

on Friday, March 10th, Arlo said

Back before I switched to Wordpress, I followed the instructions here in order to get Greymatter to automatically generate RSS feeds. Worked like a charm.

on Friday, March 10th, Kasia said

Hm.. now I get it.
Btw - how about skype? Have you got it installed?

on Saturday, March 11th, berry bowman connell said

OK and the other reason it took me four years to get my two year degree is....."what's a deadline?"

About a b'zillion posts ago you spoke of folks wanting to buy from you pieces prior to their finish. Thought you had several good comments there, but, kept revisiting it for some reason. Well, besides liking to see your work in progress, which doesn't really look so much different, but, where 'puters are concerned, I dunno. They may be repainted twice over but the color restrictions of a 'puter is such that who would know? Y'know what I mean? Heck, that don't matter either.
I saw one comment that caught me as incredibly valid, it pertained to what you want out of your art. Then again, by reading more, we see that you are thinking about attempting a trip to Europe and points east, and you are right in that you will need to scrounge up some big bucks, even if your boyfriend's covering some of your costs. And that appears to be the crux of the matter....can you sell a thing you feel is unfinished, delay the sale till it is finished, cash the check now for futures, or just plain walk away from the deal till you feel good about it. Whoa, gal! You got quite a corner on options there, but, the one comment still stands out do you feel about the art, the piece specifically?
How about one more different optyion, and dang if it isn't popular from impressionistic France in the early twentieth century....only you have an advantage those guys never did. Well, they did have the option then, but, probably none had considered it (until Dali, that is...)
Take some good pictures of the paintings in question, or actually, you should already have that done with all your paintings. With the fresh photos in hand, sell what you will to whomever will buy them at prices you feel are appropriate, and don't think for a second that value is reflected by "finish" because it isn't.
You aren't talking aboput selling the rights, are you? Then, with your money in hand, go to the art store, buy some more stretchers, canvas, paint, a treat (I usually buy a box of Sugar Pops, though they don't call it that anymore,) and go home, print out your picture and paint it again. Lessee here, from whom would you be modeling? Yes, me, of course, but I came by it honestly from Monet, van Gogh, Lautrec, Seurat, Braque, Modigliani, Johns, Toby, Rothko, (what? do you need more?) Picasso, Cezanne (who also sold FLOCKS of unfinished paintings that he said were...or did he?) and well heck. I'de have to name most contemporaries, also.
How many haystacks do you suppose there are out there? And though several artists do self portraits, for crying out loud, they usually pick a different pose once and a while, where our friend Vincent picked a sketch he had done of himself (his "picture" if you will) and reproduced some of the world's most expensive "copies"....
not to mention the stunt with the sunflowers and Gaugin, but, that's another story altogether.
And, as I have only basic "user" skills on the 'puter (y'know, I see that "rss" somewhere, but still have no idea of what it is. Heck, only this morning did I find out that "lol " means "laughing out loud" and that it is the most misused letter thingie out there. Shoot, I don't even know what it's acronym....) and being such a dinosaur, it's time to pack up and march forth. Or, well in this case, march eleventh....

on Saturday, March 11th, Dio said

If you're looking for a newsreader to test about with, I'd heartily recommend the free service ay - I've been using it for a good while now and swear by it.

I'll be looking forward to getting Elise updates through that! What's the odds of us getting Holly on RSS? :)

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

Hi everyone, well first off, Ann...that abbreviated entry may have to do for awhile, as I've started painting and that trumps web stuff (for now)...

Arlo, thanks so much for tip, you had told me that before but I didn't do it right away because my web server didn't have some of the applications installed that were required (at that time) and I didn't feel like bugging them about it...but I think they offer those now, I'll double check...OH, and thanks for the tip about creating new web images from word documents, it worked like a charm!

Kasia, I don't have skype installed. Is that what you use? Is it free? I generally try to use readers that run off your browser that don't require additional installations of anything but I'll check it out.

Berry, thanks for the suggestion. I can see what you're saying, but certain images lend themselves better to "copying". Some of my compositions are of multiple elements, mountains, plants, a figure, etc. that to copy it wouldn't be a variation on a theme, like water lilies or haystacks, but...I don't know, the idea of it doesn't make me comfortable at all.

I did it one time, someone commissioned me to do a painting similar to "Under the Devil's Club" which had already sold. I changed the devil's club leaves, and the positioning of the legs and did a different face on the woman and used more blue and less green than on the first version, so I felt like it was unique enough to qualify as a new original work. But there's a fine line there.

Also, I don't necessarily want half finished version of my work floating around out there to come back and haunt me later.

I feel pretty strongly that every painting I sell has my stamp of approval on when a politician says "I approve this message"...

It is *incredibly* tempting, especially when I come up short and can't pay bills etc. I mean, I'm dreaming about the trip to Italy but the reality is I probably can't afford it even with a bunch of freebies involved.

I guess each of us as artists have to draw the line for ourselves, in what we feel comfortable doing and for me that might change. If I ever lost my day job, for example, I think my currently high standards would go right out the window!
Anyway, thanks for the assurances that so many other artists have worked that way, it does make me feel better.

Oh, as for text messaging abbreviations, try from wikipedia, they have a dictionary of terms...hope it helps!

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

Hey Dio,
you must have posted while I was writing my monster response.

I just wanted to say that I use bloglines too and I love, thanks for confirming my choice, it makes me feel better cuz you're such a teckie.

As for Holly, do you suppose she'll ever start blogging again? I worry that maybe she won't, it's been quite awhile since she said she was "fucking off for awhile"
Also, in case you didn't read my response to your video post...I though it was funny (favorite part was the "Rock N Roll" comment when the guitar fell!

But also, your voice sounds incredibly cool, I wish you'd make me an audio hello, I'm thinking of putting up a permanent thing with all the regulars saying hi so we can hear what they sound like. If I sounded like you, I'd be making audio posts all over the place!

on Saturday, March 11th, Kasia said

Yes skype is free and allows you to make free phone calls:)))

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

Cool, I've been doing that with Yahoo Instant Messenger. I've been talking with my sisters and grandma. My yahoo username is elisetomlinson, so if anyone else does the yahoo IM, just invite me to be one of your "friends" or whatever and I'll add ya to my list!

on Saturday, March 11th, Kasia said

OK I'll try to install it. And we''ll see:)

on Saturday, March 11th, Elise said

Hey Kasia, if you want, email me your email address and I'll send you an invitation. That's how I joined and it was super easy that way. sent your email to"> and I'll send the invite right away.

on Sunday, March 12th, Dio said

/me blushes... lol!

Yup, I caught that but didn't have time to reply at that time. Cool voice! Cooooool.

Its actually quite tricky, because most of the time people don't understand what I'm saying. I was told my voice was too common to teach also. :O

Bloglines is cool - most of my colleagues use it as well (it was one who told me to try it) and its been a thrice daily tour of duty. I got lots on there, from my flickr groups to friends blogs to news. Loves it. :)

As for Holly, I'm sure her European tour is taking up lots of time - she'll be back on form before long I daresay.

on Sunday, March 12th, Elise said

Too common to teach? What a strange idea. It sounds very unique to me. There are some cool websites that have people who speak english from all over the worlds (different regions in the same country even) all reading a similar passage so you can compare accents.

I read on this rock music forum a question about why brittish rockers sing with American accents and this guy made a weird reply about how when we sing we don't have accents, or they're "neutral" or somthing like that. What horse shit!

Anyway, I hope Holly return soon too, I suppose you're right, she's probably up to her eyeballs at the moment.