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03/16/2006: "Solar powered artist"

We've had clear (freezing cold but sunny) skies for over a week now. The sun makes me feel all vibraty in me guttywad...ideas are bouncing, I'm talking faster, thinking faster, sleeping less. Everyday I get wound a tiny bit tighter. It's exciting because I sense I'm on the verge of a major creative cycle. I've even lined up two people to come and model for me (thanks guys!) on Sat. which is fantastic. I haven't been able to work from live models in a long long time, it's going to give me so much more freedom (and information) than I'm used to.

Today I looked for an old friend from the blogosphere...Thomas in London. We used to exchange long emails and mixed CDs but after he returned from a trip to New Zealand he kind of disappeared in that way people can when you don't really know them (I think he moved back to Germany). I looked up his old blog Confessions of a Failed Artist...but it hadn't been updated for nearly 2 years.
Well, long story short, while looking for his site I found this short audio file on NPR called Failed Artist. This guy talks about how after art school he realized he didn't have the energy (after working 40 hours a week at his day job) to make art. Listening to him talk about his lost dream I had the most delicious realization...that I *couldn't* relate. Anyway, below is a photo I took last night. Pretty eh? Also, I can finally pay for the prints I had made of this pump house. joy!

douglas-island-pump-house (26k image)

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on Friday, March 17th, Dio said

Great shot! Lovely light and colours. I'd love to visit there sometime. One day. :)

on Friday, March 17th, Howard said

It's funny but that audio bit is like my worst nightmare. I really wouldn't want to image the type of person I be if I wasn't making art.

on Friday, March 17th, Daniel said

That photo can give a person new goals in their own work. At the very least it makes one want to continue seeing the world each day. Very nice.

on Friday, March 17th, K said

I am sick of grey clouds and dirty snow....Your photo has made me feel better. Gee, Alaska is just AMAZING! Gorgeous! Oh, I envy you so much!

on Friday, March 17th, Kasia said

It was me above.:)

on Friday, March 17th, Kasia said

And the picture is even better. I'll start saving for one them!

on Friday, March 17th, Elise said

Hey Dio, if you and Mrs. Dio ever want to come for a visit you will always have a place to stay!

Also, just wanted to say I *love* the idea of your newest site (anyone can post to it pretending to be Dio, good fun...or what's that expression you have...crack?) but I hope you don't stop taking photos, I miss them!

and Howard- I know what you mean. There was a time shortly after I graduated from college when I was just working and I felt desperate, absolutely desperate because I knew the statistics on how many "artists" there are out there who quit making art. My entire identity is wrapped up in it! I can't imagine that ever happening to you though, you have too many cool ideas!

And Daniel, as far as "seeing the world each day" I agree that it is easy to do that here. There are times I nearly drive off the road because of some astonishing sight, even one's I've seen a thousand times, like the view in the photo, I never get tired of seeing it.

And Kasia...I'm happy that my photo made you feel better. When I lived in Anchorage Alaska this time of year was awful because there would still be big piles of dirty snow everywhere and as they melted (called "break-up" here) even nastier things such as months worth of dog pooh would reveal themselves. So, I guess it depends on what part of Alaska you live in..though I won't knock Anchorage cuz I had a blast living there.

on Friday, March 17th, Howard said

It's funny how day to day life can just slowly close in around you though.
One of the reasons I'm only working partime right now was because I was being given more and more responablity at work. I was being groomed for a management postion and it was happening so gradualy I wasn't even fully aware of how unhappy it was making me.

on Friday, March 17th, leahpeah said

that is a great shot!
i recently got an email from a friend i knew about 12 years ago. it came out of the blue. here's hoping you get back in touch with your friend.

on Friday, March 17th, Elise said

I understand what you mean Howard, there are times when I feel the pressure of my current job erroding away my studio time, both physically and mentally, I have to scale back, remind myself that I can maintain a balance etc. I think in your case the choice is even tougher because you could be making more money and it would probably make your life easier etc. Here's to sticking to your guns (what a strange expression)...
And Leahpeah, it is nice how someone can pop back into your life after a long time; I hope Thomas emails me one day but with the blogosphere, it's easier to just vanish.

on Friday, March 17th, subi said

hey e., what a beautiful print!!!! is it a pic? anyhoo, i mailed your copies of the chapbook today! sorry for the delay!

on Friday, March 17th, Elise said

Hi Subi, the image posted on my blog today is a photo, the image I linked to is of a painting I did awhile back that I had prints made of.

Thanks so much for mailing the chapbook, I'm very excited!...and congratulations again1!!

on Friday, March 17th, Brian said

Elise, I know what you mean about seeing amazing sights while driving... My car has a sunroof, and I love looking up at the eagles soaring as I speed down the highway. Another of my favorites is the jets that fly in from the north that make the sharp, banked turns to backtrack to the airport. Just awesome. It's a small wonder that I haven't driven into the channel yet.

And I'm looking forward to tomorrow...

on Friday, March 17th, Elise said

The worst for me is my drive home from work, the time of day there is always this amazing yellow sun set and I keep looking out my rear-view cuz I have my camera with me and I think if I can pull over safely I'll snap some shots but I end up swearving all over the place and getting honked at!

Yesterday on the way into work there was a flock of eagles and raven at the Safeway intersection and I had to stop there for a red light and they were swooping right down in front of my car.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow too!
:cry: :hehe: