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03/20/2006: "We're all in this together"

I had two people come over to model for me on Sat. and they did an excellent job. I have enough photos to work from for a long time. It will be different for me to paint two figures instead of one, and I almost never paint males, but we’ll see where this goes (if anywhere). I have some ideas, fairly political, which I’m currently toying with and I think these will help with them.

Speaking of which, I watched Brazil this weekend for about the hundredth time and felt shocked by how differently it read for me from all the times I’d watched growing up. The theme of a government out of control, suspicion, blaming everything on terrorism and identifying anyone who doesn’t fall in-step with the government as “terrorists” not to mention all the paranoia, spying, torture, bureaucratic blunders, etc. WOW. If you haven’t watched it in awhile take another look!

Anyway, I had put up blankets over all the windows in my house on Sat. as I wanted to control the lighting and I left them up after the photo shoot; my house felt like a cocoon. Sunday I just laid around all day. I didn’t paint, I didn’t read, I watched some TV but everything was boring, I hate days like that. I took two naps and then just watched the clock waiting for it to be late enough to go to sleep.

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on Monday, March 20th, berry bowman connell said

Here ya it my way of making up for all the extended comments. This came from a good friend and is a music/act. Pretty sure you'de like it.
And, if ya can get past the war part being mean, another film to check out is Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom and Jeremy Irons and Lia Neeson. Really great film.
Well, see ya.

on Monday, March 20th, Elise said

Thanks Berry, cool video. We will probably post a video of a short film I worked on a a guy juggling with himself (using a split screen) it's pretty cool, but not as amazing as yours.

on Monday, March 20th, Kasia said

I know the days really well... time stretches and I feel bored from inside, not able to do anything. i hate them, too.
"Brazil" is a movie or a series?

on Monday, March 20th, Elise said

Brazil is a movie that came 1985 I think. It's Brittish, very prophetic.

on Tuesday, March 21st, Judy Vars said

Male models that’s great! and plenty of photographs.
You must have been in a mood to watch Brazil for the 100th time. I tried to watch THX-1138 and watched Harold and Maude. Don't despair it is Spring....time to emerge from your cocoon and paint males two by two. :satisfied: :satisfied:

on Tuesday, March 21st, Elise said

Hey Judy! Actually, there was a male and a female, it was just different for me to use a male model at all!
Harold and Maude? Yeah! What an excellent movie.

oh, and it may be spring, but it sure doesn't feel like it yet.

on Wednesday, March 22nd, greg said

Look forward to seeing your new ideas on canvas!

Yeh Brazil was strangely prophetic. Cant believe what a long movie it is.

Kingdom of Heaven is definitely worth seeing once.

on Wednesday, March 22nd, Elise said

I've heard that from a couple of people Greg, I'll be sure to check it out!