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04/07/2006: "Juneau at its best!"

Friday night in Juneau Alaska: partly cloudy skies, art openings, kids hanging out in Marine Park, musicians walking around with beat up instrument cases, and smiles as far as the eye can see.

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on Saturday, April 8th, berry bowman connell said

No, if that's what y'think, ya gotta start over. I like oils. Wouldn't trade 'em fer the moon....
OK, cause I don't know where I'de put the moon, anyway. But, there were other mediums you din't even touch on. One of the silliest things I've done in recent years is pick up crayons and work with them. Y'know? THe big pack! 108 crayons PLUS a sharpener and din't stop there, added a full pack of 98s from a different brand name and another dozen or so from yet another brand. They worked OK. On the other hand, while inspecting those, I ran across oil crayons and they were just plain fun!

Now, on the other hand, I see you have another medium that you use a lot yourself. Two, actually.
#1 You do really nice photo work and there you are, at the top of the world where lots of pictures are just beggin to be taken.
#2 You also paint a very nice picture with words.

on Saturday, April 8th, Elise said

I agree that playing with unconventional media, or at least ones you aren't familar with...and just having fun, can be very liberating. I don't know though, I seem to be stuck in a place where I want to acheive a certain level of technical skill in or area so that I can adequately get out the images that look so beautiful, locked up in my imagination.

Not having the requisite knowledge to do them justice can be very frustrating. So, I am maybe I just need to sick with one or maybe two mediums for awhile?

As for the other two (photos and words) thank you soooo much for saying so Berry!

on Monday, April 10th, berry bowman connell said

To be sure, by playing with other mediums, you can relax and even enjoy yourself, but, trust me on this.
Crayons put a whole different spin on how you use paints at all. You see, you can't change the color of a crayon t'all. Yer stuck with what comes off the stick. The oil pastels, they can be bent by using turpentine and layering them with other colors, but the crayons will just laugh at ya.
They don't need to be bent, and this is actually a downside to the industry. In that, if we ise them, we're stuck with how a color is supposed to look. Yet, after a bit, you end up finding that colors don't HAVE to be bent so much, and that's the "fun" side I spoke about.
But, you're right. To become proficient at using this or any other medium takes so much time, energy, resources....
Dang! Wouldn't it be nice to live on that planet where ya could make time stand still for a bit and just flopw with the things that interest ya?
As a matter of fact, Groundhog Day, with Bill Murray, was about a fellow who got stuck in the same day, and the original book was that he lived that day for some tenthousand years.
What dya think? Ten thousand years enough fer ya to learn a thing?
Not me for some things. I am such a stubborn soul, sometimes....Ten thousand years would be a good start.

on Monday, April 10th, Elise said

I loved the movie Groundhog Day, I think it would be fun up to a point and then you'd probably start to go crazy...especially if you didn't know if it would ever end.

I do wish I had more time to create, but I guess the fact that we only have a finite number of days to live, gives more meaning to our lives...makes them more precious.

I probably won't run out and buy crayons any time soon but it's nice to think about them, and how we use color and why. All interesting thoughts to ponder.