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04/11/2006: "You're going to reap just what you sow"

Just a perfect day,
You made me forget myself.
I thought I was someone else,
Someone good.

I can't get this song by Lou Reed out of my head. I learned to play it on guitar over a week ago and now as it repeats on an endless loop; I've been remembering all of my "perfect" days and:
A. I'm always with someone I love, never alone.
B. I am usually somewhere exotic.

I still don't know what made/makes them perfect? Where I was or who I with...or both? If there was some secret receipe maybe we could have them more often. I guess I'm just thankful that everyday, no matter how routine or imperfect, is still full of small wonders.

Some people, however, seem to appreciate almost nothing. Have you ever known someone who is physically incapable of giving an unqualified compliment (for example)? I have. I still do actually. I've never understood that, how some people must think that to give any kind of praise or encouragement detracts from their own accomplishments. That they feel they have to hoard their good will like bus tokens under a soiled mattress.

If only they'd realize how much better their lives would be if they'd just give some of it's free after all, and there's enough for everyone.

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on Tuesday, April 11th, greg said

I guess it's like putting extra into ordinary that makes those extraordinary days. But would want that all the time?? yeah, I guess we all would ... and lab rats too ...

Maybe its one of the curses in being an "artist" or at least sensitive (if not 'perfectly' aware), that we have to "endure" others less sensitive. Who knows what wonders they really have inside them,? But for many I suppose it's just a matter of survival mode and ekeing out an existence. Even for a lot of Americans.

At least, artists rarely get too down on the callouness of others, when we more easily spend that time getting down on ourselves! :D

ooo! "... bus tokens under a soiled mattress(!)" I like dat! :D

on Tuesday, April 11th, Elise said

I guess I shouldn't drink wine while I'm painting on a work night!

I do tend to get a bit melodramatic from time to time!

Still, I'd just had had an interaction with someone who makes me crazy and, you know, when you use your real name in a blog you can't exactly spell it all out cuz god only knows who may stop by for a looky look.

I guess I should just shut it, what's that expression about people who live in glass houses?