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04/13/2006: "Show and Tell - New paintings "in progress""

Below are some of the paintings I've been working on, a few are only very rough drafts. The photos are a little dark and grainy but you get the idea. Some may remember the one of the woman with her legs crossed, she used to have (as Holly remarked) a big cinnamin roll head that freaked some people out (which I agreed on) and so I repainted the head showing a bit of the face to diminish the cinnimon roll effect.

Some had smaller changes, like the woman reading a book, I only added some grass to partially cover her thigh and butt so she wouldn't appear to be floating ala Genie...the one of the tango barely has a single coat of paint.

woman-with-arm-band-tattoo (112k image)

woman-looking-down-into-valley-contemplation (114k image)

woman-sitting-cross-legged-mountaintop (122k image)

couple-dancing-tango-on-mountaintop (93k image)

woman-in-a-skunk-cabbage-eating-red-fruit (79k image)

woman-with-hair-blowing-in-wind (76k image)

woman-reading-book-in-a-colorful-field (61k image)

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on Thursday, April 13th, Jackie said

E: Yay! You overcame your reluctance to share! I love the paintings. I really dig the Tango painting - it's just something about a couple doing the tango in the midst of the field - it feels so free! I know you'll kvetch anyway - but don't fret over the details too much! They will turn out superb! :D

on Thursday, April 13th, Elise said

Hi Jackie, thanks! I've actually done the thumbnails for a whole series of mountaintop ballroom dancing paintings. I just feel myself going in lots of different directions at the moment, there is another series that has more narrative and is sorta political that I'm not ready to post yet.

I think I'll just finish what I've started for now, and work on all the other stuff after my show in May.

on Thursday, April 13th, ann said

I like the green backgrounds :) The tango dancers are my favorite... or maybe the woman in the pod... hmm...

Thanks for sharing.

on Thursday, April 13th, Brian said

Ditto on the dancers.

on Thursday, April 13th, Howard said

I love the colours in the last one with the woman reading the book.

on Thursday, April 13th, Elise said

Thanks everyone!

And here I was afraid to post anything.

on Thursday, April 13th, marja-leena said

Wow, so much work here - you are really moving along now. Love your colours and the grouping into a series.

on Thursday, April 13th, subi said

I love the 6th panting! it is beautiful! I kind of miss the cellulite on the one woman's butt, I mean cellulite is more common than not hugh? :D

on Thursday, April 13th, subi said

I love the 6th painting! it is beautiful! I kind of miss the cellulite on the one woman's butt, I mean cellulite is more common than not hugh? :D

on Thursday, April 13th, Elise said

Thanks Marja-leena, I think I've been working more hours now than even when I was in art school!

And Subi, the sixth painting is the only one without a butt...did you mean the 7th?

on Friday, April 14th, subi said

i was talking about 2 different ones! the butt one in ? is number2! you made a comment about it having cellulite a while back and it appears she got lipo...tehehe.

on Friday, April 14th, greg said

Is it possible to put a hold on the 3rd one until I can afford to buy it? ...say like until 2010? :blush: ... no really! :(

An artist I met on my new job was swapping websites w/me, and he sees this painting of mine and asks "what would I be willing to take to part with it?"

Is that weird? I just meet this guy! (told him i'd have to think about it, cos I like it too)

...he is from Alaska tho' ;) the interior above Anchorage.

on Friday, April 14th, Elise said

2010 hmmm, I'll have to think about that! But I'm glad you like it tho. I hope the sale goes through with the guy from Alaska, Alaskans have great taste after all!

Let me know how it goes.

on Saturday, April 15th, berry bowman connell said

Finally! A SHORT comment!
As you are in Alaska, aren't these gals a bit cold?

on Saturday, April 15th, Elise said


No Berry, where I'm at it get's quite toasty in the summer, and the winters are mild.

on Sunday, April 16th, berry bowman connell said

Dang! Yer in a beautiful state doing what ya love t'do and getting paid t'doit.
What? Is Alaska just a few short blocks from Heaven?

on Sunday, April 16th, subi said

hey there.

is it easy to make the little url pic for the url line? i like yours and would like to do something like that for dusie.

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

You mean the image that says Elise?

It's called the favicon.ico and there is more information about them and how to set them up on your stie at:

It's actually very easy! Good luck. Oh...and yesterday I got my chapbooks from you! They look amazing...really like an original piece of art in and of themselves. I want to re-read your poem when I have the chance but for now I'm just enjoying the eye candy. Thanks SOOO much for them!!!

on Sunday, April 16th, ann said

Thanks for the info on the favicon.ico... I wonder about that occasionallly but always forget to ask...

And on the tech side of things, Bloglines is now telling me the post title, etc. of your posts, which is great. But in the last couple of days it's started telling me you have a new post everytime someone posts a comment...

on Sunday, April 16th, Elise said

Bummer about Bloglines...I can't figure out where to span the rss div in my greymatter templates. Maybe I'll just move it back where it used to be. It didn't show the title of posts but at least it wasn't showing that I've made 14 new entries is a single day!

Thanks for letting me know.